Honda two-wheeler to put out 10 new EVs tomorrow | what do you expect from Honda Activa electric?

Honda plan to launch 10 new electric two-wheelers in the Indian market by 2034 & start with Hinda Activa as first prototype.

What to expect from Honda?

  • Honda Activa will have similar silhouettes to the Activa Petrol version.
  • Honda electric Activa will expect to launch by next year.
  • It expects honda activa will support swappable battery technology.
  • This Honda Activa electric compete with Ather energy, TVS, Bajaj & ola electric.
Honda Activa electric

Let’s discuss some points related to honda’s active electric, as you know honda has extensive experience in the two-wheeler field that’s why Honda hasn’t released any electric model in India.

Honda Research the electric 2-wheeler market in terms of performance, body style, powertrain & customer needs, it analysis which should be better for Activa & what should we eliminate from our scooter to make it effective & more user-friendly.

As you know to date Honda set up 70 battery swapping stations in Bengaluru, this facility is only for electric 3-wheeler but it expects this technology will be used in honda electric two-wheeler.

Honda is gearing up to launch its first electric two-wheeler in India by 2024 as per a recent update. the honda Activa electric will be the first vehicle of honda with planning to release 10 new two-wheelers over the next 10 years.

Honda currently working on two projects GJNA & K4BA also Honda Activa electric & moped is in the development phase, all these vehicles support swappable battery technology, the company plans to sell 5 lakh units of listed modes in the next 3 years and expand this number to 10 Lakh units by 2026-27.

Honda also shares its plan for carbon neutrality which includes electric scooters & motorcycles, this not only includes all electric but also includes advanced Internal combustion engines that are emissions-friendly by 2040.

when will the Honda Activa electric launch?

Honda Activa electric will expect to launch by the next year 2024.

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