Hyundai Introduces EV Subscription Service for Ioniq 5 and Kona premium cars at Chicago Auto EXPO 2023

Hyundai Introduces EV Subscription Service for Ioniq 5 and Kona premium cars at Chicago Auto EXPO 2023

At Chicago Auto Expo 2023, south Korean automaker Hyundai Introduces EV Subscription Service called “Evolve +” for premium e-cars Ioniq 5 and Kona electric this service is available in the US market in major cities, brand planning to launch in India soon, and might be this year.

Hyundai announced its EV subscription service for Kona Electric and Ioniq 5 EV to help customers, this subscription can cancel at any time with no time boundation of 3-5 months.

At the auto expo, Hyundai reveals Evolve +, is an EV subscription service that covers 1,600 km, Insurance, maintenance, registration, and roadside assistance at the price of ₹57,700 (approx $699 per/month) for Kona electric and ₹74,000 per month(approx. $899) for its Ioniq 5 EV.

Hyundai gives customers the freedom to cancel subscription services at any no time limit required, other subscription-bonded customers are to take service minimum of 3-5 months.

This Evolve + subscription service is currently available in the United States (U.S.) marketplace, but as 650 units of Ioniq 5 booked in India, Hyundai plan to launch Evolve + service in India once Ioniq 5 roll out India, no exact date is revealed now.


How to apply to the Evolve+ subscription service?

  • Step 1- customer has to download Evolve+ App from the apple store or the play store it is available for both.
  • once download, the customer needs to search car by price and zip code then choose a model from the list and choose one that can monthly terms easily be renewed.
  • The price which you see in the App is fixed no negotiation will be considered.
  • once select the model, you need to log in or create an account, and follow the respective instructions that the app instructed you.
  • For payment, Evolve + app support only credit card, no other payment method exists in the application.
  • A pickup time at the dealership is chosen.

you can check on store.

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