Hyundai just said it’s going to start using Giga castings only in 2026, six years after Tesla started using them

Hyundai has announced that it plans to start using a manufacturing process called “Giga castings” in 2026. This is six years after Tesla began using a similar process.

Giga castings

Tesla is already working on a groundbreaking innovation that could revolutionize how electric cars are made. They are developing a way to create the complex underbody of an electric vehicle (EV) in a single piece, rather than assembling it from around 400 individual parts, which is the conventional method used by most car manufacturers.

This innovation is known as “radical DFM” (Design for Manufacturing). It’s a complex challenge that takes a lot of time and effort to solve. If successful, it could significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing EVs and improve their quality, safety, and reliability. Tesla’s ability to work on such innovations is driven by their culture of taking risks, innovation, and effective execution.

In simple terms, Tesla is working on a way to make EVs more efficiently and at a lower cost, which could lead to more affordable electric cars in the future. This innovation is seen as a key part of Tesla’s plan to produce a large number of EVs while still making a profit.

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