Independence Day Big Surprise: Ola Electric to launch Ola S1 Pro Classic, Ola E-bikes, and More…

Ola Electric planning to launch a retro-style electric scooter called the Ola S1 Pro Classic, this electric scooter gives direct competition to the Ather 450X and TVS IQube as speculations suggest.


  • Ola Electric teases a new photo on social media of its upcoming variant, Ola S1 Pro Classic.
  • Ola Electric plans to showcase its e-bike lineup on Independence Day.
  • Two new color schemes will introduce for the S1 e-scooter.

ola Electric planning various product launches on Independence Day, 15 August CEO Bhavish Agrawal said on Twitter, Ola select Independence Day to unveil its new variants and significant announcements.

concept Ola S1 Pro Classic

On Twitter, CEO of Ola Electric Bhavish Aggarwal announced that Ola plans to launch new variants of the s1 lineup, the teaser hints that this is a classic variant, and this will be launched on August 15th on behalf of Independence Day.

The S1 Classic variant has a retro design which includes some retro elements such as Windshield, cushioned backrest, center stand, and classic color options. this time Ola focus on comfortability & try to cover all the bug that customer suggest via social media or the community, as past records suggest Ola target affordability but this time Ola showcases the premium-ness, so if you are waiting for a scooter that has both comfort and range this is for you.

Early this year in February, Ola teases its upcoming e-bikes lineup at Ola s1 Air launching events, speculation suggests that Ola revealed the e-bike on Independence Day. this is another announcement that Ola said.

Ola S1 Classic

ola Electric also preparing to introduce two new color options for the s1 electric scooter Lineup, Ola plan for July but these snazzy shades have been postponed to the next month, Is it possible to launch on August 15th so, Ola announces 3 big announcements that cover on August 15.

Also, the delivery date for S1 Air is expected to commence in July as the automaker said.

if you have any doubts pitch us through, still tuned with dynabeast electric.

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