Jaguar’s Plans: Farewell to I-Pace and New Electric Car Horizon

British carmaker Jaguar has decided to stop making the popular I-Pace car by 2025, a change from their earlier plan to improve it, as reported by Autocar.

Jaguar is getting ready to launch new electric cars, but the I-Pace won’t be one of them. We’re not sure exactly when the new cars will come out, maybe by the end of 2024, but the I-Pace will be gone by 2025.

Jaguar’s CEO, Adrian Mardell, said, “We don’t want our cars to be off the market for too long, especially the I-Pace. Right now, we’re waiting to hear from JEA, our new platform for electric cars. They’re saying it might be ready in the first half of 2025, which is less than two years away. I’ll be more sure about that when we’re about nine to twelve months away from that time.”

JEA is Jaguar’s new plan for making electric cars.

Mardell also mentioned that the I-Pace is still being sold in Europe to help Jaguar meet its goal for emissions. He admitted that the I-Pace played an important role in helping Jaguar learn about making electric cars.

Jaguar started selling the I-Pace in Europe in June 2018. There’s a new lawsuit about the I-Pace’s batteries in California.

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