Kia EV5 makes an official entry in China | Kia EV5 in China 160 kW electric motor

The Kia EV5 has been unveiled in China, marking the official debut of Kia’s latest electric vehicle, the Kia EV5. The vehicle’s design might strike a chord of familiarity, and that’s because it draws a substantial amount of inspiration from its larger counterpart, the EV9. While it’s accurate to perceive the EV5 as a scaled-down version of the EV9, it’s worth noting that Kia’s PR team might not view this comparison favorably.

As per the official press release, the EV5’s design is a fusion of natural landscapes and contemporary architecture. The term “Tiger Face” isn’t an allusion to jungle exploration; rather, it represents Kia’s innovative design ethos, which finds its embodiment in the EV5. Alongside the “Signature Star Map Lighting,” the interior ambiance is intended to replicate the sensation of being amidst constellations – an imaginative concept. Despite its distinct similarity to the EV9, this association is actually a positive attribute.

In the realm of SUVs, dimensions hold significance, and the EV5 positions itself as a compact contender. With a length of 4,615 mm, it stands 135 mm shorter than Tesla’s Model Y. Its wheelbase of 2,750 mm situates it between the Model Y and Hyundai’s latest Kona Electric.

Kia has gone to great lengths to offer a diverse range of color choices for the EV5. From refined shades such as ‘Snow White Pearl’ and ‘Starry Night Black’ to the bold ‘Magma Red’, Kia has selected names that align with the vehicle’s aesthetics. Naturally, while visual appeal is important, it’s not the sole factor at play. While aesthetics indeed hold value, the EV5’s appearance assumes a substantial role.

Has the notion of your vehicle as an extension of your living space ever crossed your mind? It’s an unconventional thought, and Kia is translating this concept into reality by reshaping the EV5’s interior into a haven evocative of a comfortable lounge. Envision the experience of settling into your car with the same ease as sinking into your favorite armchair. The EV5 is more than a mere mode of transportation; it embodies a mobile sanctuary.

This mobile haven even integrates mood lighting. Whether you seek a tranquil atmosphere after a bustling day or a soothing setting, you have the freedom to adjust the brightness and color of the lighting, creating an environment that facilitates relaxation. Picture disco lights with a touch of elegance.


While today’s introduction primarily centers around the design, comprehensive details about the powertrain remain pending. Thanks to the procedural approvals of the Chinese market, we’re privy to the fact that the Kia EV5 will derive power from a 160 kW electric motor (equivalent to 218 PS), aligning it with the Kona’s specifications. The power will be sourced from a Blade battery pack supplied by BYD. It remains to be seen if the global edition will deviate from the Chinese variant.

Kia’s strategy involves launching the EV5 officially in October of this year, coinciding with Kia EV Day, with China being the initial market. Given the escalating demand for compact electric SUVs, Kia’s timing appears opportune. The pivotal question now revolves around whether they’ll manage to strike the right chord with pricing.

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