Kia officially Launch its EV Model KIA EV5 in china and get a 200-300miles of range on a single charge

Kia spawns out compact electric SUV KIA EV5 this model is only available for china customers now after that it will be rolled out in other countries also.


Kia EV5 is a sibling of its EV9 but it is smaller than the EV9 although lookalike both are the same, KIA launches the third architecture of its EV series EV6, EV9, and now EV5.


  • It is based on the E-GMP platform
  • Get diamond-cut alloy wheel
  • 90-degree rotating captain seat
  • It will have an expected 300 miles of range.
  • It will compete with Toyota BZ4X, Nissan Ariya ad Volkswagen ID.4
  • It has a Blunt front profile and vertically oriented sleek LED headlamps.

How differ from KIA EV9?: what changes in EV5?

Kia EV5 is a full-size electric SUV, this is 3rd born-electric car from KIA Motor. this SUV uses sharp elements that enhanced the car’s design portfolio, also the large Swiveling seat allows a passenger in both rows to rotate 90 degrees that feel premiums, also the rear-hinged door without B-pillar the same feature seems in EV9, a large-range SUV, but you also get in EV5.

In terms of the side profile, like the fender and door gate style, it is too similar to EV9, it gets a bracket-shaped Taillight that will cover the entire trunk, also 21 inches of an asymmetrical design alloy wheel.

In terms of interior design, has a very softer material with a large instrument touchscreen display covering half of the dashboard, the important thing is it gets an octagonal steering wheel instead of a conventional 2-spoke circular wheel, and also a Panoramic sunroof that acts as solar panel gives an extra blast of sunshine and air.


When will EV6, EV9 & EV5 be brought to china?

Kia Motor a south Indian automaker announced at a launching event that EV6 will launch in China in August this year, & Kia EV5 will launch officially in November this year, the 1st model will be produced in china.

Kia also plans to launch its large-range electric SUV EV9 in 2024, Kia EV9 will be the brand’s first SUV in China to be equipped with FSD full self-driving system, and said the production version will be equipped with L3 assist driving system

Comparsion b/w KIA EV6 and EV9

Developed PlatformE-GMPE-GMP
Length184.3 in.
Width74.0 in.
Height60.8 in.
Acceleration0 To 60 MPH In 3.27 Seconds.0-100km/h in 5 seconds
rangerange of 310 miles on a single chargeit will deliver 336 miles(540km) of range on a single charge

Who is the true rival of KIA EV5?

It will compete with Toyota BZ4X, Nissan Ariya ad Volkswagen ID.4

What is the range of KIA EV5 ?

In KIA EV5 you expected to get a 200-300miles of range on a single charge.

On which design language is KIA EV 5 based?

It is based on the E-GMP platform

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