Lightning eMotor Partners with Perrone Robotics to provide autonomous vehicle options to zero-emission fleet customers

Lightning eMotor Partners with Perrone Robotics to provide autonomous vehicle options to zero-emission fleet customers announced on Monday.

  • Lighting is a Loveland-based company that helps commercial fleet achieve their sustainability goals by offering zero-emission battery electric vehicles.
  • Lighting eMotor announced a partnership with Perrone robotics to provide level 2 and level 4 autonomous Vehicles capability into the medium-duty electric fleet vehicles.
  • In partnership, the brand utilizes Perrone Tony AV-powered autonomous Kit.
  • Perrone demonstrates Lidar-centric autonomous technology in different ways.

Lightning eMotors has been providing specialized and sustainable fleet solutions and manufactures zero-emission vehicles to support the wide array of fleet customer needs with a full suite of control software, telematics, analytics, and charging solutions to simplify the buying and ownership experience and maximize uptime and energy efficiency

Video Credit TO Perrone Robotics

On Monday, Lighting eMotor announced a partnership with Perrone, a leading provider of fully autonomous vehicle systems, and the aim of Perrone for partnership is to provide class 3-7 commercial fleet customers with self-driving, the electric fleet vehicles that can be rolled out in wide range for dedicated uses.

Official Announcement on Twitter:

Lightning eMotors CEO Tim Reeser said, “We were looking for partners who could deliver autonomous capabilities to our customers today, and in the future — and that’s what Perrone offers,” Lightning eMotors CEO Tim Reeser said. “We offer perhaps the widest range of electric commercial vehicles in North America, and now we have an autonomous vehicle solution for our products, ranging from ambulances to campus shuttles and other commercial applications.”

Under the partnership, the company uses AV-powered Technolgy Tony to retrofit the autonomous kit in order to design to EV to transport people and goods in geo-fenced and especially for driving routes.

In the AV-powered Technology, Vehicles are outfitted with Perrone self-driving technology embedded into Lighting Vehicle for passenger and Cargo users, and they can be ordered anytime.

Perrone is the marker leader in proving AV-Technology and Turnkey Vehicles Solution, famous for its fully autonomous electric vehicle that provides autonomous operation on public roads in a transit-ready vehicle possible today.

“A lot of electric vehicle manufacturers are focused on just one vehicle size, and in many cases, it’s a bespoke custom platform. But that’s not how we operate at Perrone – our partnership with Lightning is an example of how we want to make a bigger impact. Lightning’s wide range of vehicles is aligned perfectly with the way we want to help foster the widespread adoption of self-driving technology.

Level 2 autonomous vehicles are also seeing rising demand, especially for transit vehicle operators, who can benefit from the state-of-the-art safety features, including lane-keeping capability, adaptive cruise control and forward collision avoidance. All of these features are now available among Lightning’s platform offerings and will be powered by lidar technology, fused with radar to add an additional layer of redundancy that’s important for all Lightning applications.

Perrone Robotics started developing their autonomous vehicle solution in 2003, with a great background of 250+ deployment, immense experience in the electric Vehicle section, and around 40,000 miles traveled over 30 different vehicles automated.

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