Lucid Air Dream Edition Luxury car in the World – specifications, range, features, horsepower, and price

Lucid Air Dream Edition Luxury car in the World – specifications, range, features, horsepower, and price with incredible efficiency.

Credit: Lucid Air

Lucid Air is the fast Luxury electric car in the world with an incredible 1,111HP of Horsepower and the longest range of up to 520miles per charge.

Lucid Air Earn EV Coveted Award 2022

Lucid is the first electric car to earn a coveted award, describe lucid air’s unrivaled combination of efficiency, horsepower, performance, and longest range with EV powertrain technology.

Lucid Air Awards Motortrends car of the year against 24 competitors from a major manufacturer.

Moreover, Lucid is the first EV that awards MotorTrends’s flagship car of the year, designed in silicon valley and produced in the Arizona, lucid air has the longest range of 500miles from Lucid proprietary powertrain technology which is designed & built in house.

NEWARK, CA — November 15, 2021 — MotorTrend announced today that the Lucid Air has won the 2022 MotorTrend Car of the Year, the first instance in which the initial product from a new automotive brand has been awarded the “Golden Calipers.” For more detail visit the official website of LucidAir.

MotorTrends car Award- Lucid Air Electric car 2022

Motor Trends car of the year Awards most prestigious in the automotive industry and the wins affirms Lucid Air as the new EV benchmark.

Lucid started its delivery of air dream edition to customers continuously, Ev with a revolutionary approach to the automotive layout.

Intro Lucid Air Dream Edition Electric Car 2022

Lucid Air Dream Edition is a full sedan electric car with a high range, an incredible horsepower rated by EPA(Environment Protection Agency), delivered 520miles of range over the 1,111 horsepower – Lucid Air Dream editions.

Lucid air is a fully electric car with a traditional automotive design, elegant shape, and dimensions of a luxury sedan.

Lucid Air comes with immersive features such as an autonomous driving sensor that makes Lucid an EV.

Interior and Exterior of Lucid air Dream Edtition 2022

Lucid Air has a luxurious interior cabin within a beautiful streamed exterior design along with a compact footprint.

Specification Of Lucid Air Dream Edition 2022

Length x Height X Width 4975.3 mm x 1410 mm x 1939 mm
Wheelbase116.54 inches, 2960 mm
Wheels19-inch, 20-inch, 21-inch
Drive TypeFull-time, all-wheel drive
MotorDual ActiveCore
Seating Capacity5
Top Speedup to 168 mph
Torque VectoringStandard
Electronic Stability ControlStandard
0 to 60 mphas quick as 2.5 seconds
Max Horsepower1,111hp
SuspensionSemi-Active Dampers
Aerodynamic Cd0.21
Legroom (Rear) Standard Range Battery37.4 inches, 951 mm

Design of Lucid Air Dream Edition 2022

Let us talk about the exterior of lucid air(VA VA ROOM), it is simply stunning, it is the most aerodynamic electric car in the world with 0.21 co-efficient drag and has elegant space of aircraft.

Features of Lucid Air Dream Edition 2022

  1. Autonomous driving sensors
  2. 0.21 coefficient of drag
  3. Intelligent Microlens Array headlight
  4. sweeping speedform taillight.
  5. Lucid Air’s rear cabin has three passenger capacity.
  6. Glass canopy: Lucid air has an incredible glass canopy system, it is optional, Solid glass roof spins that make the entire cabin without interruption.
  7. 21 Speaker Surreal Sound System
  8. floating 34inch Glass cockpit panel
  9. Alex enable

Performace of Lucid Air Dream Edition

Lucid air has a Max power of 1,111 with a high range of 520miles EPA, an advanced driver assistance system, and ultra-efficient miniatured Ev powertrain technology.

Charging Lucid Air Dream Edition

In THis section we will discuss Lucid Air, charging capacity, charging time, charger type, and charging capacity.

Charging SpecsParameters
CompatibilityAll Level II and Level III systems
AC ChargingUp to 19.2 kW
Charging Speedup to 1,200 mph peak charging speed (250Wh/mi consumption)
Charging RateUp to 300 miles in 20 minutes
Onboard ChargerMulti-functional, bi-directional (V2X) capability
Charging VoltageFastest-charging capability in the industry: 300kW peak charging power

Lucid offers ultra-fast charging support of 900v+ which is the highest range in the electric vehicle right now, air only takes 20miniutes approximately for a 300miles charge, and it also provides the extra advantage of bi-directional charging capabilities.

Price of Lucid Air Dream Edition 2022

Lucid Air Dream Edition has a price of $169,000 for further more detail visit the Lucid Official Website.

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