Mahindra to Partner with Volkswagen with the aim to explore MEB(Modular electric drive matrix) electric component

Mahindra to Partner with Volkswagen with the aim to explore MEB(Modular electric drive matrix) electric component announced on May 19, Wednesday.

The World-largest automotive manufacturer Volkswagen and India Mahindra LTD(M&M). Mahindra announced that they have joined hands with a Germany-based automotive company to explore MEB(Modular electric drive matrix) electric components for Mahindra’s new “Born Electric Platform”. Both companies signed the agreement on May 19 Wednesday to bring about a revolution electric vehicle sector.

In “Born Electric Platform” include components such as an electric Motor, Battery system components, and battery cell from Germany-based motor company Volkswagen’s MEB platform.

MEB Platform

Under the partnership, the MEB platform allows the auto manufacturer to build a portfolio and electrified vehicles and cost-effective. While the target of the collaboration is to allow Volkswagen to scale cost-leverage better when designing and sourcing the components.

Volkswagen” is a Germany-based motor vehicles manufacturer and its flagship brand the Volkswagen the largest car make by worldwide sales.

In the last year 2021, Volkswagen announced that they would invest bulk in electric vehicles and digitalization to $69billion euros($101billion) over the next 5 years.

Both companies belong to a great background with an immersive experience in the automotive sector. it is clear that the agreement was signed on May 19 Wednesday with the aim to explore the feasibility of collaboration between the two companies.

The Chief executive of Volkswagen Group Components Said in a press

Thomas Schmall, a member of Volkswagen Group’s board and the chief executive of Volkswagen Group Components, called Mahindra a pioneer in the electric mobility space in India and a “great partner” for Volkswagen’s MEB platform.

“The MEB is thus progressively developing into the leading open platform for e-mobility, generating significant volume and economies of scale. That’s crucial for every company in the EV world and the key to competitive solutions for our customers,” he added.

Executive Director of Mahindra reply

Rajesh Jejurikar, Executive Director, Auto, and Farm Sectors, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., stated: “We are very pleased to have Volkswagen, a significant global investor in the electric mobility space, as a strategic partner in achieving our ambitious Born Electric Vison”.

” The complementarity of their extensive technology, innovation, and vertical integration in supply chains, will provide a framework to develop our next-gen “Born Electric Platform”, to be revealed soon in Oxfordshire UK. Our teams across India, UK, and Detroit are passionately creating a breath-taking future.”, he added.

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Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited, formerly known as the Reva Electric Car Company, is an Indian company based in Bangalore, involved in designing and manufacturing compact electric vehicles.

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