Maruti Suzuki to launch multiple Electric vehicles in India by 2025: says CEO & MD Hisashi Takeuchi

Maruti Suzuki to launch multiple Electric vehicles in India by 2025: says CEO & MD Hisashi Takeuchi on Sunday.

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Maruti Suzuki will launch its multiple electric Models in India by 2025 says New CEO and MD Hisashi Takeuchi.

The World Largest automaker company Maruti Suzuki now planning to launch multiple electric Models in India by 2025 in its bid to catch up with the EV competition and become the market leader in the EV segment says the New managing director and CEO, Mr. Hisashi Takeuchi.

Maruti has aim to launch its first electric vehicle in 2025 and also plans to produce its electric vehicle from new factories in the future, To begin with, the first EV will roll out from Maruti Motors Gujarat Plant says, Takeuchi.

The company’s new Managing Director and CEO Hisashi Takeuchi, said, “We are a little behind our competitors in introducing the (EV) model to the Indian market, but we see that still, the market demand for those EVs is limited. Actually, sales of EVs in the Indian market are still very, very limited,”, As per the PTI report.

As electric vehicles growing in India day by day, many competitors of Suzuki are available in the EV market such as tata motors, Toyota, etc. all of them working on their electric vehicles also getting successful EVs such as tata motors, Tata Nexon EV, and Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Mirai.

Takeuchi said in an interaction. “We have done a very extensive test of our EV utilizing our existing models and putting those batteries and motors and everything into this existing model. We have been doing this test for more than a year with multiple cars in the Indian environment so that we are sure that our EV technology will be good in the environment, which is very, very tough in India,” PTI report.

As Tata Motors to invest Rs.15,000 crore in the EV segment in 5years and has a plan to develop 10 new products said the president of passenger Business of Tata motors Shailesh Chandra.

According to the FADA(Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations), Tata Motors led the electric passenger segment with a retail of 15,198 units and a market share of 85.37% in the vertical.

As per the e-Vahan portal, India has around 9.66lakh EVs including UP has 2,76,217 EVs and Delhi has 1,32,302 Evs, Arunachal Pradesh and Mozomria have the least no. Evs.

In the Six-Year to October 2019, fewer than 8,000 EVs were sold in India as per the Bloomberg report.

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