MG 4 mid-size electric hatchback scored 5-star euro NCAP rating

MG 4 mid-size electric hatchback scored a 5-star euro NCAP rating, recently mg showcases its all-new electric hatchback MG 4, which is based on SAIC scalable platform with two battery pack options.

MG 4 EV is to be showcased at AUTO EXPO 2023: report

5-star rating

This NCAP testing is applied on the left-side drive, mg will apply the NCAP test on the right-side drive soon.

In terms of safety, MG 4 got 83% of the adult occupants test, in a ratio: of 31.6 points out of 38.

MG 4 got 80% of the child occupants test, in a ratio: of 39.5 points out of 49.

overall safety test, MG 4 midsize car scored 78%, got 12.6 points out of 16.

MG 4 EV is to be showcased at AUTO EXPO 2023: report

The lowest safety rating of mg4 got 75% in a vulnerable road test, which got 40.6 points out of 54 as per Autocar India

MG 4 EV is to be showcased at AUTO EXPO 2023: report

MG 4 EV is to be showcased at AUTO EXPO 2023 as per the media report. also, mg planning to launch two new models MG AIR CITY EV (two-door electric car), MG facilitated hector, and now mg unveiled its third model MG 4 electric hatchback with an extreme 450 km of range on a single charge.

Features in Infortinemt system.

  • 360-degree camera.
  • ADAS (Advanced driver assistance system ) via OTA- The role of ADAS is to prevent deaths and injuries by reducing the number of car accidents and the serious impact of those that cannot be avoided…
  • lane keep assist- It systems monitor the position of the vehicle with respect to the lane boundary and apply torque to the steering wheel.
  • blind spot detection.
  • rear cross-traffic alert this assists you mostly see in Toyota cars.

MG India to debut MG AIr City first then Facelifted Hector and at the end, MG 4 electric hatchback, all these will showcase At AutoEXpo 2023.

In MG 4 electric hatchback is based on the Exiting SAIC Scalable platform this concept you will get in MG ZS, so mg is replicated in all its electric models, company offers two battery pack options 51kw battery united that generates 168bhp and 64KW which generate power output 200BHP.

MG 4 also supports 150kw DC fast charging that charged up 10-80% in only 35 min & 39 min,7KWH AC charging that requires 7.5 hours to 9 hours to get charged from 0-100%.

In terms of interior, MG 4 has a clear look with two floating screens, 10.25 inches infotainment system, and 7 inches instrument cluster with 2 spoke steering wheel.

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