Microlino Two seaters Electric car in Switzerland ke (Nano), 5+ features like sunroof, price and Microlino electric car

Today, Microlino launches a two-seater electric car powered by an electric motor with 15+ features, including a sunroof, a decent infotainment system, bigger boot space & mid-size tires.

In this guide, I will share my personal experience with the Microlino Electric car in terms of features, pros and cons, and some interesting features that will shock you.

Microlino electric car

So, If you are looking for a two-seater electric car this car is for you, this is the best example of a mid-size electric car that comes with lots of features at the affordable price range.

Microlino electric car

Moreover, After completing this guide you will able to know the features, pros & cons of the Microlino electric car. Or If you are in Switzerland this guide is for you.

Microlino electric car

Microlino electric car Exterior

Microlino electric car

Microlino electric car has two LED projector headlamps in Whitebeam with long DRLS that cover the entire bonnet, also this electric car comes with a long wiper with washer fluid.

Moreover, this Microlino electric car comes with 145/70 R13 13 inches of tires which are decent in the segment of small EVs.

In the above Images, you see the pioneer badge which is a trim name, this Microlino EV come with three trim option, COMPETIZIONE, urban, and Dolce.

But this pioneer edition comes with a larger battery pack which offers 230km of range on a single charge as per the company claimed.

Microlino electric car

On the Rear side, you get a large LED Tail light covering the entire boot which gives Microlino a luxury look & two reflectors mounted on both the left /right sides.

The interesting thing about Microlino is that, it has bigger boot space compared to the ev like Yakuza & PMV, in Microlino boot you put large luggage easily, in the boot you have some tools and battery configurations, and nothing things can be found in the boot space.

The most important thing about Microlino is it that Microlino comes with a soft touch feature for the door lock and unlock this is a premium feature you find in the Luxury segment, and you won’t believe that this function may not come in the new Mercedes G class, so appreciate of the awesome work by Microlino.

Microlino electric car

Microlino electric car Interior

When talking about the Microlino electric car, the car comes with many features like soft-close functionality with non-electrical power windows, you have to manually close these windows, but Microlino has a small sunroof.

Microlino electric car

In terms of interior visual appearance, it has three-spoke steering with m-cro badging but the disappointing part is that this car does not come with Safety functions like ESP and ABS.

Microlino electric car

In term of modes, Microlino come with three riding modes Neutral, Reverse, and Drive.

Microlino electric car

also, you get two USB-type with mobile holders and inside the car, you get two display screens one is MID and another is a simple touch screen that shows 6-7 functions like AC, temperature control, de defogger,r door close/open, and interior light & In MID you get kilometer, trip, speed, traction motor fault, battery charge status and in both side you get three-pointer seatbelts.

Microlino electric car

Pros of Microlino electric car Interior

  • Microlino has a variety of features.
  • sunroof
  • decent tire size
  • touch screen MID
  • Soft touch features for door lock and unlock

Cons of Microlino electric car Interior

  • NO Safety functions like ESP and ABS
  • So small
  • so expensive
  • not worth it for this price range

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