NEWS: 10th V4 Tesla Supercharger in the world now being installed in Spain | Tesla Supercharger V4

On X @saawymerritt posted that the 10th V4 Tesla Supercharger in the world is now being installed in Spain.

Tesla Supercharger V4

The first tesla V4 supercharger in Spain is about to open!🇪🇸 Located in Vila-Seca, Tarragona on the Mercadona parking lot. This will be the 10th V4 supercharger in the world!🎉 Congratulations @TeslaCharging for another great V4 charging opportunity in Europe!

5 key highlights of Tesla Supercharger V4:

  1. Impressive Charging Power: Supercharger V4 delivers a whopping 600 kW of power for rapid charging.
  2. Future-Ready EVs: Designed for upcoming Tesla vehicles like the Tesla Semi and Cybertruck.
  3. Enhanced Features: Longer charging cables (3 meters) and illuminated TESLA lettering for convenience.
  4. Swift Expansion: Tesla plans a rapid rollout, increasing Supercharger V4 availability.
  5. CCS Compatibility: Tesla aims to make Supercharger V4 compatible with non-Tesla EVs, enhancing accessibility.

Here the Features and specification of Tesla SuperCharger V4

Tesla, the pioneer in electric vehicle (EV) technology, has taken another giant leap forward with the introduction of the Supercharger V4. This fourth-generation charging infrastructure, currently located in the Netherlands, is a game-changer in the world of EVs. In this article, we’ll explore the key features of Supercharger V4, its implications for Tesla’s EV lineup, and what it means for the broader EV market.

Supercharger V4’s Powerhouse Charging: Tesla’s Supercharger V4 is a remarkable advancement, boasting a maximum power output of 600 kW and a maximum current of 615A at 1,000V. These impressive numbers mean incredibly fast charging times. However, it’s important to note that not all Tesla vehicles can currently make use of this full power potential.

Tesla’s EV Ambitions: The launch of Supercharger V4 sparks curiosity about Tesla’s future EV models. During a Tesla Semi event, the company hinted that the Tesla Semi and the highly anticipated Cybertruck would be the first to fully utilize Supercharger V4. This aligns with Tesla’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of EV technology.

Enhanced Features of Supercharger V4: Supercharger V4 comes with several improvements, including a sleek design with illuminated TESLA lettering for easy recognition. Tesla has also addressed a common issue for EV owners by providing longer charging cables, nearly 10 feet (3 meters) in length. This extended reach enhances accessibility, accommodating various vehicle types.

Rapid Deployment: Tesla has ambitious plans for Supercharger V4, with increased manufacturing to facilitate a swift rollout. This next-gen charger surpasses the 250 kW limit of its predecessor, Supercharger V3, enabling even faster charging for existing Tesla models. Additionally, Tesla is considering the broader EV market by exploring CCS compatibility, which could allow non-Tesla EVs to use these advanced chargers through a built-in Magic Dock, primarily in the United States.

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