NEWS: @KatalinNovak_HU took a ride in the Cybertruck with Elon Musk yesterday at Giga Texas | Elon Musk with Katalin Novak

On X we get news from dynabeast is that @KatalinNovak_HU took a ride in the Cybertruck with Elon Musk yesterday at Giga Texas. here the snapshots of cybertruck ride with Hungary president Katalin Novak.(on Musk with Katalin Novak, ride cybertruck with with Katalin Novak, elon ride with on Musk with Katalin Novak)

On social media, snap goes viral where elonmusk ride cybertruck with Hungary president Katalin Novak.

In this meeting Hungary president katalin novak explained the entire situation of #Transcarpathian Hungarians living in #Ukraine. He understood what we stand for and agreed that minority rights should be guaranteed.

She also said that @elonmusk is also an ally in our peace mission. There is no question that we need #peace and a ceasefire in Ukraine as soon as possible. Mothers lose their sons on the battlefield every day. The way to the negotiating table should be found as soon as possible.

she regularly posted each discussion on X with elon musk “Childlessness is the most worrying phenomenon of our time. We talked with @elonmusk about what we can do together to encourage young people to say YES to #children.”

At the end, she said Great to meet @elonmusk , another ally in the freedom fight for #families.


For more detail go through this video

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