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Exciting news has emerged from the electric vehicle (EV) industry, as reports suggest that Nio, the prominent EV manufacturer, and SVOLT, a notable battery manufacturer, are teaming up to establish a joint venture (JV) aimed at developing cylindrical batteries. While the sources of this information remain unnamed, the potential implications are generating significant buzz.

Nio Svolt partner

Outsourcing Battery R&D: The Initial Plan

As per these unofficial reports, the initial plan involves the creation of a pilot production line in Maanshan and the formation of a collaborative research and development team. However, it’s important to note that both Nio and SVOLT will continue to manage their procurement and manufacturing processes independently, with the JV exclusively focused on pilot production and R&D. Mass production of these cylindrical batteries could potentially materialize by 2025, according to the sources.

Nio’s Battery Endeavors

Nio has been actively exploring battery development since September 2021 when they unveiled their battery pack incorporating ternary and lithium-iron-phosphate battery cells. Notably, these cells were supplied by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. (CATL). Subsequently, in October of the following year, Nio added to the speculation surrounding its battery-related ambitions by establishing a company with battery manufacturing within its business scope. This company was registered with a capital of 2 billion yuan (approximately 280 million USD).

In February of this year, Nio’s CEO announced the commencement of construction for the first phase of a 40 GWh battery factory in Hefei. This facility is projected to be capable of providing batteries for around 400,000 vehicles. Recent reports suggest some delays in development, which are attributed to the Hefei government overseeing the factory’s buildings and infrastructure construction, while Nio is responsible for equipment procurement.

Factors Driving Nio’s Outsourcing Decision

Nio Svolt partner

The decision to enter into this JV with SVOLT appears to be influenced by multiple factors. These include a decrease in lithium prices, changes in Nio’s product offerings, and a shift towards second-generation architecture. Currently, Nio is working on the A-sample of the cylindrical battery, and once the collaboration with SVOLT begins, this sample will enter the pilot production line established by the two companies. Within the JV, there will be a focus on quality control and continued research and development efforts, according to one of the sources.

Meet SVOLT: A Battery Pioneer

SVOLT, originally a subsidiary of Great Wall Motor, has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of prismatic cells. However, it made a splash at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show with the introduction of its 46950 cylindrical battery. The battery boasts an impressive energy density of 300 Wh/kg and supports 4C charging. SVOLT has a track record of supplying batteries to notable automotive manufacturers, including Great Wall Motor, SGMW, Hozon NETA, and others.

The news of Nio’s potential partnership with SVOLT is creating a stir within the EV industry, and many are eager to see how this collaboration unfolds. Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting development progresses. 🚗🔋🤝

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