Nissan partners with EDF and PodPoint for ‘free year of EV driving’

Nissan partners with EDF and PodPoint for ‘free year of EV driving’.(how much to charge electric car uk, cost of charging electric car at home, cost of running electric car vs petrol uk, how much does it cost to charge an electric car compared to petrol, electric car cost per mile calculator, petrol vs electric car running cost calculator, electric car charging cost calculator, electric car cost calculator)

Nissan is collaborating with EDF and Pod Point to provide owners of electric vehicles (EVs) the chance to enjoy a year of free driving. 🚗⚡ 10,000 miles of free driving are provided as part of this kind offer, which is more than enough for the majority of individuals in a calendar year

All you have to do is adhere to a straightforward five-step procedure in order to benefit from this wonderful bargain. Purchase a brand-new Nissan electric car first by going to a Nissan dealership. Nissan has two excellent electric vehicles to choose from: the classic LEAF hatchback, which has a range of up to 168 miles, and the chic ARIYA coupe crossover, which has a range of up to 329 miles. The Townstar EV is a little van available if you’re in the market.

The next step is to order a Pod Point 7kW Solo 3 home charger from the Nissan store once you’ve decided on your new EV. Additionally, you must either already use EDF as your energy provider or be willing to do so.

After that, Pod Point will take care of everything, including advice, delivery, professional installation, and charger activation. You can charge your electric vehicle (EV) up to three times faster with Pod Point’s smart home charging than you can with a standard three-pin outlet.

Your Nissan monthly car payments may simply include the cost of the charger and installation, making it simple and economical to charge your EV at home. Nissan will also grant you enough credit to pay for your transportation expenses.

In addition, Pod Point’s dedication to providing excellent customer service is remarkable given that Which? has recommended them for their end-to-end installation service, a first for any EV charging business. This alliance between Nissan, EDF, and Pod Point is an important development for the advancement of EV driving in terms of affordability, convenience, and accessibility. it if you’ve been thinking about switching to electric, this could be the ideal moment to do it and benefit from a year of free EV driving!

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