No diesel Volvo by 2024 | Volvo to end diesel car production by early 2024

Volvo to end diesel car production by early 2024 as per the report reuters.

Volvo Cars has made a significant announcement 🚗🔌. By early 2024, they will cease production of all remaining diesel models. This bold move positions Volvo as one of the pioneering legacy car manufacturers to embrace an all-electric future ⚡.

Volvo to end diesel car production
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Owned primarily by China’s Geely, Volvo has set a target to fully transition to electric vehicles by 2030. While just a few years ago, a majority of Volvo’s European sales consisted of diesel cars, that figure has dwindled to a mere 8.9% in 2022 📉.

In a promising development, August saw 33% of Volvo’s sales attributed to fully-electric or hybrid models 🌱. The breakdown of the remaining 67% between diesel and petrol engines wasn’t disclosed. Nonetheless, the shift towards electric is evident and accelerating.

This shift away from diesel follows the decline of diesel vehicle sales in Europe, notably influenced by Volkswagen’s emission scandal. Over the years, car manufacturers have been gradually phasing out diesel models from their lineups. In 2015, diesel cars comprised over 50% of new car sales in Europe, but by July, that number had plummeted to just over 14% 📉.

Volvo’s commitment to sustainability and embracing the electric future aligns with broader trends in the automotive industry. Their decision to bid farewell to diesel is not only a reflection of changing consumer preferences but also a proactive step towards a greener tomorrow 🌍🌿.

This move by Volvo is a clear indicator of the evolving automotive landscape and the inevitable shift towards electric mobility. It’s a promising sign for the environment and the future of transportation. 🌟🔋 #ElectricCars #Sustainability #Volvo

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