No more Model Y with 4680 batteries: Tesla is removing the basic version for the USA from the program

No more Model Y with 4680 batteries: Tesla is removing the basic version for the USA from the program

Tesla has made some changes to its Model Y lineup in the USA, and it seems the basic version with 4680 batteries has been removed.

In different regions, Tesla offers different versions of its vehicles. For example, in Europe and China, the Model 3 has received an update called the Highland refresh, but in North America, the older version is still available. As for the Model Y, Tesla briefly offered a version with rear-wheel drive and a smaller battery in the USA. This version was also produced in the German Gigafactory. However, a Model Y with all-wheel drive and a medium-sized battery, which utilized Tesla’s own 4680 batteries, was previously available in the USA. It has now been discontinued.

Model Y with 4680 batteries

Initially, the Model Y from the German Tesla factory was supposed to come with the 4680 batteries, but it started production with batteries from LG Energy Solutions, similar to the Chinese Model Y. More recently, a Model Y with rear-wheel drive and a structural battery from BYD has been produced in Germany, allowing for a large casting construction for both the rear and front parts of the vehicle frame.

According to Tesla, the first Model Y with its own battery pack and front and rear cast elements was delivered in the USA at the opening of the Gigafactory in Texas in April 2022. Initially, it was only available as a pre-produced option, but in April of the same year, it was added to the configurator as a basic version below the Long Range and Performance models. All three Model Y variants in the USA had all-wheel drive, with the 4680 version from Texas having a lower range due to its smaller battery capacity.

As of now, there are only two Model Y variants available in the US configurator: the Long Range and Performance models, both using Panasonic batteries. The Model Y AWD was still available in stock, often with discounts of more than $3,000. Tesla has not officially communicated the reasons for these changes, leading to speculation.


There have been rumors that Model Y production might have stopped at the Gigafactory in Texas. This change in the lineup, removing the AWD variant, lends credence to these rumors. It’s possible that Tesla is allocating all its resources to preparing for the production of the Cybertruck in the same factory. The Cybertruck will also use Tesla’s 4680 batteries, but in a “cyber cell” version with 10 percent more energy density than the Model Y, as announced by a company manager in July. 🚗🔋🇺🇸

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