Photos Unveil Tesla Cybertruck’s Striking Interior Ambient Lighting Design | Tesla Cybertruck Interior

Photos Unveil Tesla Cybertruck Interior Ambient Lighting Design

 Tesla Cybertruck Interior

Recently, new visuals have emerged on Reddit, showcasing illuminated strips along the dashboard and door panels.

A series of pictures, posted on Reddit’s r/Cybertruck subreddit by the user u/ThrowAwayBarista69, provide a glimpse into the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck’s interior ambient lighting arrangement, or at least a part of it.

In these images, taken during dusk, a continuous red light strip spans from the dashboard to the front passenger-side door card and extends to the rear right passenger-side door card. This design is reminiscent of what is expected in the updated Tesla Model 3 Highland.

The redesigned yoke-style enclosed steering wheel is also visible in the photos, along with the central display. However, finer details such as the vehicle’s range are not discernible in the images.

In response to a query from another user about their initial impressions upon seeing the Cybertruck in person, the original poster replied:

“Absolutely astounding. I’ve never felt such excitement seeing a vehicle in real life. I knew it was huge, but ‘enormous’ doesn’t quite capture it; the lowest point is taller than my 5-foot-tall girlfriend. Interestingly, it was notably dirty – a massive handprint adorned the rear panel, which brought a chuckle.”

While not officially verified, this specific pickup seems to be the same one recently tested by Elon Musk a couple of days ago – a unit referred to as a “production candidate” by the CEO. The latest version of the Cybertruck features the brand’s patented black wheel covers and triangular side mirrors, along with certain panel gap imperfections that are expected to disappear once full-scale production begins. Musk labeled this latest Cybertruck iteration as the company’s “finest product yet.”

In a recent development, we reported on a leaked internal email in which the outspoken CEO urged Tesla’s manufacturing team to pay extra attention to the Cybertruck’s precision and final touches.

Elon Musk stated in the leaked communication, “Given the unique nature of the Cybertruck, constructed mainly from sleek metal with predominantly straight lines, even the slightest dimensional discrepancy becomes glaringly obvious. If products as economical as Lego bricks and aluminum soda cans can achieve this, so can we.”

Unveiled in 2019, Tesla’s pioneer pickup truck is in the final stages of development and regulatory clearance, with a launch event projected to take place sometime next month.

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