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In the fast-changing world of technology, there’s a company that’s always breaking new ground, changing the way we think about energy storage. Say hello to Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd (NEEQ:837375), a company that started in 2006 and has become a leader in high-tech innovation focused on lithium-ion batteries. They’re the ones behind the well-known “BATTSYS” and “FULLRIVER” brands, setting new standards in the industry.

Leading the Charge

The secret to Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd’s success lies in their three special teams, each bringing something cool to the mix. With two big production centers covering 4000 square meters, the company can make millions of battery cells every year. This shows how serious they are about quality and performance.

A World of Battery Choices

Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd doesn’t just make batteries; they craft smart solutions for all kinds of needs. They offer the Steel Shell Cylindrical Li-ion Battery Series, Soft-pack Cylindrical Li-ion Battery Series, Prismatic Soft Pack Li-ion Battery Series, and Li-ion Battery Packs. What’s neat is that their products have all the details you need, designs that can change, and research that hits the mark.

A Wide Range of Battery Choices

What sets Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd apart is their ability to craft tailored solutions for various needs. They offer four distinct lithium-ion battery product lines:

  1. Steel Shell Cylindrical Li-ion Battery Series: Battery cells are designed with a robust steel shell for added durability.
  2. Soft-pack Cylindrical Li-ion Battery Series: Featuring a flexible design for enhanced adaptability to different applications.
  3. Prismatic Soft Pack Li-ion Battery Series: Offering a unique soft pack design, perfectly fitting diverse energy needs.
  4. Lead-acid Replacement Battery Series: Innovative battery solutions as an alternative to traditional lead-acid batteries.

Steel Shell Cylindrical Li-ion Battery Series

Guangzhou Battsys

Soft-pack Cylindrical Li-ion Battery Series

Guangzhou Battsys

Prismatic Soft Pack Li-ion Battery Series

Guangzhou Battsys

Lead-acid Replacement Battery Series

Guangzhou Battsys

Each product line is characterized by its unique features and functionalities, ensuring that customers have a wide array of choices to match their specific requirements.

Empowering a Range of Applications

Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd’s batteries find their place as versatile powerhouses across a multitude of industries. From supporting Heat-not-burn (HNB) devices to fuelling the energy needs of Medical/Consumer Electronics, Smart Cards/RFID Labels, Solar Energy Storage, Oil Exploitation, Autonomous Cars, AGVs, and Power Tools, these batteries display unparalleled adaptability.

Exceptional Qualities

Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd has gained recognition through their innovative engineering and creative designs. Their lithium-ion batteries come with an array of advantages:

  • Customizable Size: Batteries tailored to fit specific requirements, offering flexibility.
  • Variety of Voltage Options: Choices including 4.2V, 4.35V, 4.4V, and more.
  • Impressive Capacity Range: Batteries ranging from 200mAh to 3000mAh.
  • Outstanding Energy Density: Leading the industry with an energy density of 850Wh/L.
  • Durable and Dependable: Crafted with clever combinations of materials for lasting endurance.
  • Adaptable to Temperature: Operates reliably across a broad temperature range from -20°C to +60°C.
  • Rapid Charging Ability: Sets new standards with swift 3~5C charging.
  • Powerful Discharge Rate: Delivering high discharge rates of 3~10A, exceeding 5C rate.
  • Long-lasting Performance: Impressive cycle life of 500~1000 cycles with minimal expansion.
  • Safety is Key: Compliant with global safety standards, ensuring secure usage.

In a world where energy makes everything move, Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd’s batteries show the way. They’re all about being great, changing for different jobs, and making sure things are safe. They’re helping the world keep moving forward, and as things get better, Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd is there, making sure the future is bright.

What is Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd known for?

Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd is known for its high-tech innovation in lithium-ion batteries. They’ve created the well-recognized “BATTSYS” and “FULLRIVER” brands.

What are the main types of batteries offered by Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd?

They offer four main types of batteries: Strong Shell Cylindrical Li-ion Batteries, Flexible Cylindrical Li-ion Batteries, Soft Pack Li-ion Batteries, and New Kind Replacement Batteries.

How does Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd’s production showcase quality and commitment?

With two large production bases spanning 4000 square meters, the company displays its dedication to delivering high-quality battery components.

How do the different battery types cater to different needs?

Each battery type has unique features and uses. Strong Shell Batteries are durable, Flexible Batteries can adapt to various applications, Soft Pack Batteries are designed for specific uses, and New Kind Replacement Batteries are innovative alternatives.

In which industries can Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd’s batteries be used?

Their batteries find applications across various industries, including heating devices, electronics, cards, cars, and power tools.

Are these batteries suitable for replacing lead-acid batteries?

Yes, the New Kind Replacement Batteries are designed to be innovative alternatives to traditional lead-acid batteries.

Where can I find more information about Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd’s battery innovations?

You can learn more about their battery innovations by visiting their official website or reaching out to their customer service channels.

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