Prana (SVM) Electric Sports Bike rolls out in India | Can Prana beat ultraviolette f77?

Prana Electric Sports Bike rolls out in India with its three variants and getting popular in the two-wheeler electric marketplace.

Prana Electric Sports Bike

Highlights of Prana Electric Sports Bike

  • Prana has three variants: class, grand, and elite.
  • The SVM provides two way of booking methods: Regular, Premium.
  • Motor BLDC Motor.
  • Battery life 2000 recharging cycle.
  • Charging time: 4 hours 5 Min.

About SVM

Prana is India’s First best performance electric sports bike company established in 2021, SVM stands for “Srivaru Motors“, It is in Coimbatore-based Indian start-up company, the goal of Srivaru motors is to develop, and design the best riding electric bike with zero-emission.

The company believes that there is a lot of untapped potential among engineers in the country, and has aim to provide them with a world of opportunity that will exceed customer expectations. SVM wants to collaborate with engineers “who share our passion for creating something beautiful for the community“. 

About Prana (SVM) Electric Sports Bike

SVM is an Indian based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu startup company, Srivaru launched its electric sports bike with the name “PRANA” in India which is dedicatedly based on the pure EV, Prana comes with three Variants “CLASS”, “GRAND”, and “Elite” with the starting price range of 2.35 Lakh(ex-showroom).

Features of Prana Electric sports Bike

  1. Prana has Four(4) Driving Modes, three(3) for forward drive and one(1) for reverse drive.
  2. Prana has Steel Double Cradle Tube “Frame”.
  3. LED-headlamp.
  4. It has a top speed of 123kmph.
  5. Prana has 3 channel hydraulic brake system.
  6. Dual disc brakes at both ends.
  7. Drive-Assist: It helps customers in order to automated parking aid that helps drivers park. with great precision
  8. Zero-emission

Prana Electric Bike Drive Modes

SVM offers four driving modes in its pure electric sports bike “PRANA” which contains a 3 modes for forward drive and 1 is for reverse mode.

so, we will discuss the mode in-depth with the actual parameter below:

ModesMax. Speed
Practise ModeMax. speed of 45Kmph with smooth acceleration
Drive ModeMax. speed of 80Kmph with smooth acceleration
Sports ModeMax. speed of 123Kmph with aggressive torque
Reverse ModeTop speed less than 5kmph

Prana electric bike Motor

Prana uses BLDC(Brushless DC Motors) motor, and has an intelligent air-cooler controller with an operating voltage of 42-72V DC and can function at 50-degree ambient temperature.

BLDC: BLDC is an electronically commuted DC motor that does not have a brush it is called a brushless DC motor.

Battery Capacity in Prana electric sports Bike

Prana comes with a 72V LFP(Lithium iron phosphate battery) which has a capacity of 4.32 to 7.2kw with an AC charging BS 546-15A plug socket.

Prana covers a range of 126km to 225km on a single charge which is comparatively better than other electric bikes and it only required 4 hours and 5min to 6 hours 30 minutes to get fully charged.

Specification of Prana Electric Sports Bike

Acceleration 0 to 60 kmph in 4 seconds
Brakes  3 Channel Hydraulic Brake System 
Carrying CapacityMax 180kg
TransmissionDirect Drive System
TyresRadial Tubeless Tyres
Forks Telescopic Suspension
Width*Length*Height755 mm*2060 mm*1115 mm
Ground Clearance 145 mm

Brake used in Prana Sports Bike

Srivaru motors are the only company that provides 3 channel hydraulic brake system in its electric sports bike, capacity of the brake in front is 275mm with a dual disc, and the rear disc is 240mm with a single disc and combined front and rear disc with Auto-regeneration.

Prana has “Telescopic Suspension” forks.

Colors in prana electric sports Bike

Prana has basically 4 Colors:

Perfect White
Passionate Red
Progressive Green
Mystery Black

Safety in Prana Electric Bike

  • Prana is a unique look electric sports bike, Prana has a dual Disc brake at both the end front and rear and an electronic regeneration braking system that enhances the performance of the bike.
  • Prana comes with three independent brake systems with an integrated auto cut-off function.

Tyres used in Electric Sports Bike Prana

Srivaru offers radial tubeless tires in prana: Front rim of 17inch with 110/70 and a Rear rim of 17inch with 140/60 and max. pressure between 28-33psi.

Price of Electric Sports Bike Prana

Prana has a starting price of 2.35 lakh (ex-showroom).


  1. Who is the CEO and Founder of SVM Prana?

    Mohanraj Ramasamy and CEO of @Svm(Srivaru Motors) 

  2. What is the price of the Prana EV?

    The price of the Prana EV is 2.35Lakh (ex-showroom)

  3. What is the prana electric bike’s top speed?

    Prana Electric bike has a top speed of 123kmph.

  4. Where is the showroom of SVM?

    SVM has the main showroom in Taim Naidu.

  5. How to take a test drive of Prana Electric Sports Bike?

    You can visit SVM’s official Website.

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