New Delhi start-up, Quantum Energy Launches commercial delivery E-Scooter

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Quantum Energy, a New Delhi-based EV start-up recently reveal its most awaited commercial electric scooter Bziness in Indian Market at an affordable price range, this scooter comes with a 1200W of electric motor that offers 55km/hr top speed & can accelerate from 0-40kmph in just 8 seconds.

Important things to choose from Quantum Energy scooter are that brand tie-up with giant service providers like HDFC, ICICI, and some NBFCs for easy finance & help fleet operators.

In terms of performance, this scooter has decent specs, it covers 130km of range on a single charge but it depends upon the road structure you are driving, it has a 1200W high-performance electric motor that can accelerate from 0-40kmph in 8s.

In terms of design, it has a retro-style silhouette with an LED headlamp mounted on the handlebar & turn indicators located at bottom of the apron, in front, you got telescopic suspension with a Disc braking system at both the ends rear & front.

In concern to features, it uses an LCD infotainment system that includes features like Remote Lock-unlock, anti-theft, USB charger, troubleshooting, trip data, 3 drive modes 1,2,3, and battery level.

This scooter has decent storage space, a large flat floorboard to carry heavy luggage easily, and a wider seat. also, this scooter comes with an LFP battery that is less prone to combustion and thermal runaway, making them safer for home use, this battery comes with a 3-year warranty or 90,000 km.

Chetana Chukkaplli, director of Quantum Energy Limited, said “In India, a sizable proportion of individuals who ride two-wheelers do so for purposes other than transportation, ranging from carrying goods to running businesses on two wheels.”

Director also said, “We launched Bziness at a low cost to make it available to a wide range of customers, including B2B fleet companies, last-mile delivery companies, ride-sharing companies, and B2C as well,”

Quantum Baziness comes with an affordable price range of ₹99,000, you can book it on the official website.

Quantum Bziness

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