Regulatory filing: Huawei-backed Aito to offer EREV and BEV versions of luxury SUV M9 | Aito M9 EREV

📢 Exciting News! 🚗 Aito, the new energy vehicle (NEV) brand backed by Chinese tech giant Huawei, is introducing the luxurious M9 SUV! 🌟

📋 The M9 has just made it into China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) catalog, marking the final regulatory step before hitting the market. You can share your thoughts on it until September 19.

🚘 There are two versions of the Aito M9 in the catalog: one is an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV), and the other is a battery electric vehicle (BEV). They are both powered by advanced ternary lithium-ion batteries from CATL.

📏 The Aito M9 is a spacious SUV measuring 5,230 mm in length, 1,999 mm in width, and 1,800 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 3,110 mm.

🔌 The Aito M9 EREV boasts a 112-kW engine and dual electric motors with peak power of 165 kW and 200 kW.

🔋 The Aito M9 BEV features dual electric motors with peak power of 160 kW at the front and 230 kW at the rear, courtesy of Huawei’s technology.

🚗 Aito, in collaboration with Huawei, is determined to redefine luxury, comfort, quietness, and intelligence in the automotive market. The M9 is built on an innovative 800 V high-voltage platform, incorporating cutting-edge technology in the cockpit and smart driving space.

🎉 Get ready to experience the most luxurious, high-end, and smartest car when the Aito M9 hits the market in the fourth quarter! 🚀🌟

Here are the images in the regulatory filing for the Aito M9 BEV.

Aito M9 EREV

Aito M9 EREV

Here are the images in the regulatory filing for the Aito M9 EREV.

Aito M9 EREV
Aito M9 EREV

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