7 things to Know about Revamp “Buddie 25” E-Scooter

Nashik-based company Revamp Moto launches a new-gen electric scooter Revamp Buddie 25, it is based on a modular utility platform, and the company offers a virtual showroom for customers to engage and explore buddies in the 3D camera view, enjoy the way of 3d world using artificial intelligence, give customer metaverse experience.

1) Revamp Buddie 25 has 25kmph of top speed, so, it does require RTO registration and NO license 

Revamp “Buddie 25”

2)RM buddies 25 can cover 70km on a single charge.

Revamp “Buddie 25”

3)Buddie 25 supports a battery-swapping mechanism, it is also waterproof

Revamp “Buddie 25”

4)Revamp offers a lithium-ion battery, with 48v and 25Ah.

Revamp “Buddie 25”

5)In buddies 25 you get 12 ” inches of wheels with 12-degree gradability

Revamp “Buddie 25”
10 Amazing Features Of “Buddie 25” Electric Scooter That You Must Know
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6)It only required 1 hour 45 minutes to get charged from 0-80%

Revamp “Buddie 25”

7) Baddies come in 5 colors scheme Billionaire blue, wealthy white, royal red, oscar orange, and Grand Grey

Revamp “Buddie 25”
Shark Tank Backed EV Startup Revamp Moto Launch “Buddie 25” electric scooter
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