Rivian begins delivery of its R1S electric SUV to non-employees

Rivian begins delivery of its R1S electric SUV to non-employees, this week we saw many peoples share their testimonials on social media about the R1S delivery.

Rivian begins delivery of its R1S electric SUV to non-employees

Rivian Automotive Inc. American-based electric vehicles company announced to start delivery of R1S for non-employees.

As you know, Rivian has stopped delivering its R1S for some months, with the aim to deliver R1S to Rivian employees after that they will start delivering R1S to the public as per the promises Rivian started delivering, this week we saw many customers get R1S deliveries.

Rivian R1S is the most awaited electric SUV in the united state market, it also getting popularity after Rivian released the Q1 result, the company build 2,553 electric vehicles and delivers 1,227 units in quarter one, so these figures described that peoples are happy with Rivian R1S and its sibling R1T models.

Rivian begins delivery of its R1S electric SUV to non-employees

Talk about the R1S specs: It has three seating & an enclosed rear end and a shorter overall length and wheelbase compared to its sibling R1T electric pickup.

In December, the first R1S electric pickup was delivered, through those went to CEO RJ Scaringe and CFO Claire McDonough of Rivian, both decided to start delivery of its R1S as early as august. So, it looks like they’ve just hit the deadline. Although this was pushed back from the earlier timeline.

Last November 2021, Rivian announced that windows were delivering R1S in march-April but due to some vehicles reservation for delivery, it might start in September.

For notification, Rivian also sends emails to the customers who pre-order their Rivian, saying “your launch edition R1S delivery window is now March-April 2022”, you can see this in the below image:

Rivian begins delivery of its R1S electric SUV to non-employees
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As you know that after covid crisis many companies facing supply chain issues in terms of batteries, parts, and lubrication, even tesla also facing battery supply chain issues but recently Tesla has signed new long-term deals with two Chinese companies, and Rivian also facing supply chain environment memory, but now it confirmed that R1S will deliver to all non-employees very soon.

In march Rivian also share its reservation graph in its RivianForum, the images below:

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R1S delivery testimonials

we get this news from the Rivian forum, which is a Rivian platform where Rivian holders and EV community members share their experience of Rivian performance, issues in EV and experience EV charging stations, and so on…

In Rivian stories, It is a fan page where Rivian owners and pre-order community, where many people posted that they receive delivery of its Rivian R1S, Kyle Shultz, a community member, is a leader in the Rivian community and gets delivery of its R1S peoples to think that he got “Vip” delivery but by talking to him we get that he is non-employee.

R1S in my driveway!
Hey everyone, RS Backers know (we posted a video in the Backers group) Skyler and I picked up our R1Ses this week at the factory! I’m still waiting on some videos and pics to arrive and we’ll love sharing the story once it does. It was insanity! I also start a new gig on Monday. Wish it was full-time RS work, especially after this week, but no doubt I’ll look forward to working on this every evening! More s00n!
Kyle Shultz

Skyles, also a Rivian stories member also gets delivery of R1S at the same factory of Rivian Normal, Illinois.

Rivian begins delivery of its R1S electric SUV to non-employees

Not only did we get from the Rivian forum, but we also get from Reddit Rick Fletcher, he gets his dream SUV R1S with VIN in ~500 range on the same day, he pre-order its R1S in backed 2019. he spent around 2 hours going over the vehicles with a Rivian employee who delivered them to Pennsylvania home – fittingly, on the same day as a planned family camping outing.

In the Rivian forum also Rick Fletcher also shares their SUV photos and experiences with its R1S said “like being in a video game that goes the physics wrong”, also impressed with the drivers and driver assist system and experienced Rivian charger, he said that he charges with 30A RV socket when he &his family are outings.

So, these testimonials give you the brief idea that Rivian “Finally stated to delivering delivery ist SUV to the non-employees”, if you want any suggestions please let me know.

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