Rivian CEO Eyes Expansion into a broader range of commercial electric vehicles

Rivian CEO Eyes Expansion into a broader range of commercial electric vehicles, with the aim of building millions of EVs annually by 2030.

Rivian CEO Eyes Expansion into a broader range of commercial electric vehicles

Rivian Automotive Inc, an American electric Vehicles automaker reveals its plan to broader the range of electric commercial vehicles in different types of shapes & sizes.


  1. Also, Rivian Motors, CEO RJ Scaringe, and American entrepreneur inveiled the plan to build millions of EVs years multiple plants after 2030.
  2. Officially unveiling with Amazon of the large EDV-700 delivery van which is based on the RCV Platform.
  3. Rivian CEO also said that we are struggling to archive the production target of R1T pickup and R1S utility vehicles.
  4. Also said that he delayed some programs such as overseas launching R1S and could trim headcount in order to reduce cost.
  5. Scaringe also said that we are planning a small family of Commerical electric vehicles in the company in the upcoming R2 electric crossover, which will start in 2025 at $5 billion in the Georgri plant.
  6. He added that we will make a dedicated platform(“Series”) with “a small footprint”, a smaller form factor than EV-700 that will be shipped to amazon as per the Reuters report.
  7. Also, we have a target of building 1 Million EVs Annually by 2030, Quite similar to a Tesla Committed.

On Thursday, 21 July 2022, officially unveiling with Amazon of the large EDV-700 delivery van, there will be a host of other applications in the commercial space” based upon the RCV platform that underpins the Amazon van that Rivian is building in Normal, Illinois said the Scaringe.

Rivian unveiled its mission of building EVs target and also commits that our Vision is quite similar to Elon Musk Tesla Inc. which had been struggling in its first decades and a half before revenue & profit started the surge.

We’re thinking about many other aspects of the commercial space outside of last-mile delivery (including) cargo and work vans. Also,”We’ve had a whole host of discussions with other customers
Said the CEO of Rivian

As we all know that Tesla CEO, Elon Musk takes committed to building 20 million Electric Vehicles annually in early 2030, to become the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer.

“That’s going to require multiple vehicles, different platforms and sizes. And ultimately multiple plants above and beyond what we have in Normal and what’s been announced in Atlanta. There will be additional facilities that will allow us to go into these different markets and scale up.” Inc. is Rivian’s largest Shareholder with a 20% stake, Shares of Rivian Automaker Inc. increased as much as 53% on Nasdaq debut, Amazon-backed EV maker market valuation of more than $100 billion after world’s biggest initial public this year. As per the Economicstimes.

Given our scale and the vehicle needs we’re going to have over the next 10 years, we will certainly have more than one partner
Udit Madan, Vice-President of Amazon

Udit, also announced that our company is testing 15 different types of prototype electric commercials from different suppliers.

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