Samsung is reportedly becoming Tesla’s primary provider | Samsung Tesla

Samsung is reportedly becoming Tesla’s primary provider

on twitter @sawyermeritt posted that Samsung is becoming Tesla’s primary provider for their 5th-generation self-driving chip (HW 5). This advanced chip is expected to utilize a cutting-edge 4nm process, according to news publication Business Korea.

Earlier in May of this year, Elon Musk met with Samsung Chairman Lee Jae-yong in Silicon Valley for the first time.

Samsung Tesla partnership

According to a recent report from Business Korea, Samsung is emerging as the primary supplier for Tesla’s 5th-generation self-driving chip (HW 5.0). This highly advanced chip is anticipated to be manufactured using an advanced 4nm process.

The report suggests that Tesla has already made an order with Samsung for the production of these chips, set to commence mass production in 2024. These chips are intended for utilization in Tesla’s forthcoming self-driving vehicles, which are poised to achieve Level 5 autonomy.

The report further indicates that Tesla had initially contemplated enlisting Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to fabricate the HW 5.0 chips. However, Samsung was ultimately favored due to its utilization of the more advanced 4nm process, surpassing TSMC’s 5nm process.

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This shift to Samsung signifies a significant achievement for the South Korean chip manufacturer. It underscores Tesla’s confidence in Samsung’s capacity to generate top-notch chips on a large scale. Additionally, it marks a substantial victory for Samsung in the competition to secure the dominant position as the primary chip supplier for self-driving vehicles.

The meeting between Elon Musk and Lee Jae-yong in May is likely to have substantially influenced Tesla’s decision to opt for Samsung. Their discussions encompassed strategies to reinforce their technological collaboration, and indications suggest they reached an agreement to collaborate on the development of the HW 5.0 chips.

The partnership between Tesla and Samsung constitutes a major advancement in the evolution of self-driving cars. It signifies the dedication of both entities towards materializing self-driving cars and is poised to expedite the progress of this technology.

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