Book your test ride: Ather Energy opened 1st Experience Center at Madurai

Ather Energy open Experience at Madurai, Ather energy posted on Twitter to aware Tamil Nadu people explore Ather electric scooter.

Ather Space is open for business at Samayanallur Road, Vilangudi.

Ather energy opens a new experience center at Madurai Samayanallur Road, Vilangudi so those who are near the center visit and explore the Ather energy electric scooter it has mindblowing features and functions I really like it compared to the other electric scooter.

let us discuss some features and functionality that will give a clear overview of the Ather electric scooter after completing this guide you will be able to know all features of Ather in detail.

Highlights of Ather Energy Gen 3 450x

  • Ather 450X Gen 3 was launched in India with a larger battery pack.
  • designed a dashboard with extra application space.
  • seamless Side Strip.
  • The new generation battery with 25% more capacity and 20% longer life compared to its gen 2.
  • they also claimed that Ather 450X gen 3 can give the same level of performance in flat even on mountain roads.
  • you can turn at more than 10kmph at high speed. 

Rear Glass Used in Ather 450X Gen 3

Tarun Meth also explains that after 4 years of learning and analysis they realized that they should work on Visibility and Reliability and introduced a new Rear view mirror, a stunning design, with a beautiful aluminum structure that will enhance visibility by 2X and reliability by 5X.

Ather also claimed that If 6 fit person can drive a scooter, will be able to get 2 lanes extra behind him.

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Dashboard redesigned in Ather 450X Gen 3

You will get 7 Inch touch screen display with an LED backlight, the dashboard will display some information like speed, charging, connectivity, maintenance, the status of the scooter as well as tire pressure.

Ather also rebuild its dashboard with 2X ram to increase response time, increases the 5x application space to store multiple applications, can able to handle updates, and also faster interaction across the dashboard while zooming out and navigating.

Ather 450X Gen 3 colors


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