SHOCKING Delay Announcement: Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Dreams on Hold Until 2024 for New Hardware! What’s the Real Deal? | Tesla Hardware without FSD Software

“Delays in FSD Availability for New Tesla Hardware: Musk’s Announcement Shifts Focus to HW3 Performance”

FSD for new Tesla hardware only in 2024: Musk announces delay due to focus on HW3

Tesla customers in North America will have a unique opportunity through the end of the quarter to transfer the FSD option for additional Autopilot features when purchasing a new vehicle and save the $15,000 on it, according to CEO Elon Musk. This had been requested for a long time because the extra still does not live up to the promise of the full name, namely completely independent driving. So the Tesla CEO's mid-July transfer announcement was greeted with glee. However, he has now let it be known that electric cars with the latest FSD autopilot hardware will not even be available as beta software for the time being.

New Tesla hardware without FSD software
Early this year, early signs of Tesla's fourth-generation Autopilot hardware , consisting of upgraded cameras and a different processing unit, were spotted in new North American Model S and Model X models. In the case of Model Y for the region, the switch to the so-called HW4 has also begun, and according to observers, the Model 3 should follow at the latest with the introduction of the Highland refresh.

As a direct comparison recently showed, the HW4 cameras at Tesla actually deliver sharper and truer color images . However, the new hardware also has a significant downside: Tesla hasn't adapted its FSD software for it yet, and until that changes, the features of this option won't be available even if you've bought it. And as CEO Musk announced over the weekend, it will remain so until at least early 2024.

He gave this information when asked by a well-known follower on X, who had asked whether he would have to do without participating in the FSD beta test for a long time when buying a new Tesla. The Tesla boss explained that the software for HW4 will take at least six months longer than that for the previous hardware equipment. Because the focus must be on getting FSD for HW3 to work “super well” and being able to offer it internationally.

Dilemma for Tesla customers in North America
On the one hand, Musk spread hope for customers outside of North America who have not yet been able to use FSD even in a beta version. On the other hand, he made it clear that most US buyers will also have to wait until at least February 2024 if they take advantage of the offer to transfer the FSD option to a new Tesla now . With Musk saying it will only be done once and limited until the end of September, they are in a dilemma, especially since the CEO has repeatedly expressed overly optimistic timelines with regard to autopilot improvements.

Tesla customers across North America have been presented with an intriguing opportunity during the current quarter-end. The chance to swap the Full Self-Driving (FSD) option for additional Autopilot features while purchasing a new vehicle could save them a hefty $15,000. This move has been long-awaited, given that the FSD option hasn’t entirely lived up to its name, failing to deliver fully independent driving. Elon Musk’s mid-July announcement about the option transfer was met with enthusiasm. However, a recent update has revealed that electric cars equipped with the latest FSD autopilot hardware will not receive beta software anytime soon.

Emergence of New Tesla Hardware without FSD Software
Earlier this year, early indications of Tesla’s fourth-generation Autopilot hardware (HW4) began to appear in new North American Model S and Model X vehicles. The transition to HW4 has also commenced for Model Y in the region, and experts anticipate the Model 3 to follow suit, potentially coinciding with the Highland refresh.

A recent side-by-side comparison highlighted that the HW4 cameras in Tesla vehicles indeed offer sharper and more accurate color images. Unfortunately, the new hardware comes with a significant drawback: Tesla’s FSD software has not yet been adapted for it. Consequently, even if a customer has purchased the FSD option, its features won’t be accessible until the software has been tailored for HW4. Elon Musk clarified this situation over the weekend, indicating that FSD software for HW4 will not be available until at least early 2024.

This revelation came in response to a query posed by a prominent follower on Twitter. The follower had inquired about potential delays in participating in the FSD beta test when buying a new Tesla. Musk explained that the software development for HW4 would require a minimum of six additional months compared to the earlier hardware version (HW3). This extension is essential to ensure the optimal performance of FSD on HW3 and its successful international rollout.

Dilemma for North American Tesla Customers
Musk’s announcement brings a mixed bag of news for Tesla customers. For those residing outside North America who have yet to experience even a beta version of FSD, there is newfound hope. However, for most US buyers, the situation isn’t as favorable. Those looking to take advantage of the FSD option transfer offer on a new Tesla will likely need to wait until at least February 2024. Given that Musk has mentioned this transfer will occur just once and remain open until the end of September, customers find themselves in a dilemma. This scenario is exacerbated by Musk’s tendency to provide overly optimistic timelines for autopilot advancements.

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