Simple ONE electric scooter date confirm: will launch in April end :

Today we talk about the Bengaluru-based electric two-wheeler startup that announced that it will commercially launch its electric scooter in April end.

A simple one is to decide to start delivery of its electric scooter in Bengaluru first and then it will follow other cities in the coming month, also hint that the scooter will be manufactured in its newly opened plant SIMPLE VISION 1.0 in Tamil Nadu, those users who pre-book scooter are early waiting for their delivery but due the supply chain issue brand isn’t deliver scooter on time but now the company is ready to start to deliver scooter, is expected to deliver in April end.

The first simple ONE prototype launched in 2021 at ₹1.09Lkah in price range, but as per the speculation online, the price of the scooter is expected to be hiked.

Simple one

Today as per the automaker’s concern the specs of a simple electric scooter changed, in a simple ONE scooter you get one battery with a removable system will price you ₹1.09Lakh, with an extra battery pack will price you ₹1.45LAKH (EX-SHOWROOM), it is also expected that price of the scooter will hike of a thousand, not confirm.

Let’s dive into the specs of the Simple ONE electric scooter, in this electric scooter you get 4.5KWH of lithium-ion battery offering 236Km of range on a single charge with an extra battery pack it offers 300km of range.

To boost performance brand offers an 8.5kw electric motor that generates 11bhp of torque & 72Nm of peak torque.

In terms, so features you get 7 inches of the touchscreen infotainment system that will support smart 4G connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity for music, wireless calling, also display drive modes and turn-by-turn navigation.

In terms, so colors you get 4 colors to paint the scheme- Azzure Blue, Brazen, Grace White, and Namma Red.

Also read Simple features, battery type, and price.

Do I need a license to ride the Simple One?

yes, The Simple One is as powerful as an ICE vehicle with a top speed of 105 kmph, so the driver needs a license.

What are the vehicle colors available for pre-order?

The Simple One has 4 standard colors namely: Brazen Black, Azure Blue, Grace White, and Namma Red, thus giving four options for the customers to choose from.

How many vehicles can I pre-order?

you can pre-order as many as 3 vehicles.

Am I eligible for the FAME 2 subsidy on the vehicle?

Yes, the Simple One is eligible for Fame 2 subsidy up to ₹ 60,000/- excluding state subsidies if any.

Where is the company showroom located?

There are two showrooms, in Shoolagiri, Tamil Nadu, and  Bangalore.

When can I expect the Simple One to be delivered?

the exact date is not revealed yet.

Is the booking amount refundable?

Yes. Your booking amount of ₹1947/- is fully refundable anytime you choose to cancel your pre-book. Your refund should occur within 7-10 days of canceling your order.

Can we change colors after pre-booking?

Once you have prebooked your Simple One in any colour, you will get upto 3 chances to change your colour preference, beyond which the colour option will be fixed till production gets started. So choose wisely!

How do I check the pre-order status?

When you choose to pre-order the Simple One, you will be directed to sign up with us. You would need to log into your account to check the status of your pre-order from your profile page.

How do I cancel my pre-book order?

Step 1 – You can login into your account on our website through the profile icon or the hamburger menu.

Step 2 – On your order summary, you will now get the option to select which order ID you would like to cancel.

Step 3 – Click on Cancel my Prebook to initiate your cancellation.

Step 4 – Let us know your reason for cancelling. (optional)

Step 5- Confirm the cancellation by clicking Yes.

Once you have confirmed it, you should receive your refund to your account of transaction within 7-10 working days.

If your refund doesn’t happen, reach out to or our hotline- 8929045085 Monday-Saturday between 9am-7pm.

How do I purchase the Simple One?

As we are currently accepting pre-orders only, you would need to pre-order the Simple One for ₹1947/-. When the brand commences deliveries, your order will then be created. You will be notified to complete the purchase depending on the order sequence in your respective city.

How can I pre-order the Simple One?

The Simple One can be pre-ordered on our website using the pre-booking option. Pre-book Now

What is the price of the Simple one 300km range model?

A simple ONE 300km range model has Rs. 1.45 Lakh Ex-Showroom

Which battery is used in a simple ONE electric scooter?

Let’s dive into the specs of the Simple ONE electric scooter, in this electric scooter you get 4.5KWH of lithium-ion battery offering 236Km of range on a single charge with an extra battery pack it offers 300km of range.

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