Skoda Enyag Coupe iV Revealed: Second Electric model with RS Version-545kms range

Skoda company has revealed its second new electric car- Skoda Enyag Coupe iV and introduced some new features of Skoda Enyag Coupe iV.

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Skoda Enyag Coupe iV model is a stylized version of the existing Enyag SUV and uses the same Volkswagen Group MED platform according to the official website.

Key Points-Skoda Enyag Coupe iV

  • Skoda Enyag Coupe iV model comes with 82kwh of the battery pack which covers a range of 545km.
  • It has an output power of 295hp with twin motor configurations.
  • Skoda iV model has a peak torque of 460Nm, which matches Volkswagen flagship Ev.
  • Skoda iv model interior and powertrain are similar to the standard Enyag .
  • Enyag is more aerodynamical, However, at the cost of boot space & headroom.

Skoda Enyag Coupe iV is an SUV coupe version of the standard Enyag electric SUV, and also the Skoda version of Volkswagen ID.5, According to the source Enyag iV model is similar to the standard car but you can focus on the design of the iv model which gives stunning looks at the drawn.


Skoda Enyag coupe iv is a completed electric Suv and comes with a five-seater EV that has made its debut along with their RS Sports variant that was the Skoda first Ev racing Sport model from a Czech carmaker. Each of the two electric cars is based on the same MED modular platform.


Skoda Enyag Coupe iV is 4mm longer and 6mm taller than its standard SUV, but the difference in its design part, In Enyag iV, is more sharply raked roofline from B-pillar that also reduce the boot space from 585 to 570Litres.


Talking about the interior of the iV model which is exactly the same as the standard SUV, with the same 13inch touchscreen and 5.3inch digital cockpit, Skoda has also revealed the bespoke design and its two “Design Selector” which is available in two coupe shapes- Phonex orange and Graphite Grey.

Skoda Enyag has LED taillights with a porthole for air deflector in the vRS Sports version.


Let us come to the specification of the Skoda Enyag Coupe iV-battery, engine configuration, etc. Skoda has two battery Sizes, but coupe will be available in only the longer, 82kwh battery pack, support fast-Charging of 10% to 80% in 29minutes approx.

Enyag Model has a Single motor that produces 201hp and has 545km of range. Whereas A twin in-motor is the all-wheel-drive that will produce an output of 262hp, Skoda Company Ceo Thomas Schafer Said “New model brings even more emotiveness, sports Styling and elegance to the Skoda iV family. Our designers and engineers have once again succeeded in combining a high degree of functionality with emotive design” official news.


Skoda Enyag Coupe iV is a fully electric vehicle and has a variety of features available in the iV model and has the capability to become the best electric car.


QWho is the founder of Skoda company?

Ans: Václav Laurin is the founder of Skoda Company.

Q: What is the range of Skoda Enyag iV have?

Ans: Enyag Model has a Single motor that produces 201hp and has 545km of range.

Q: Is uSkoda Enyag iV available in India?

Ans: Yes, It will be available in India by the end of 2022 for further visit official website.

Q: What is the top speed of Skoda Enyag iV top speed?

Ans: The top speed of Skoda Enyag iV is 180 kmph.

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