Skoda thinking about a small EV for India, considering an EV factory post-2025.

Skoda thinking about a small EV for India, Skoda considering an EV factory post-2025.

Skoda Auto thinking about bringing small EV cars to the Indian market, Skoda Auto Volkswagen also planning to set up electric vehicles factory in India Post-2025.

Let us talk about Thomas Schafer, CEO of Skoda Auto said ET, he explained that the development of India on the electrification front is very encouraged it will play an important role in 2nd half-decade to serve not only India but another emerging market with “affordable EV”.

Schafer forcibly said that “India Cannot remain inter combustion emerging market always there should a point where investment need s to come in for electric vehicles, especially for affordable EVs”

Thomas also said, ” there are many regions of the world, that need more affordable entry EVs. At the moment, as a company, we can see this plan through. India is not going to lag behind. You can see the movement in the market, there is a strong signal. I like it.”

Let us talk about the new city EV- according to the brand it will be based on Volkswagen ID and also based on life concept which was revealed last year at the Munich Motor show, Germany.

This Upcoming electric vehicle will be based on the MEB platform, it is specially designed for the cost-sensitive market which satisfied government policy.

MEB Platform

MEB platform

The models of the future I.D. family are currently being developed on the basis of the new modular electric drive matrix (MEB). These are Volkswagens in a variety of classes which have been designed as fully electric vehicles and reach ranges of up to 500 km and more. The architecture of the MEB will fundamentally change electric cars and cars in general more…

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