Audi India to only focus on Electric vehicles by 2033

Audi AG, commonly referred to as Audi a German automotive manufacturer of luxury cars, recently unveiled its plans to only focus on electric vehicles in India from 2023.

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Audi India announced to only produce electric cars in the next decades, and also said we are planning to stop producing ICE(Internal Combustion Engines) vehicles in India by 2033

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Balbir Singh Dhillon said that “Audi has to Stop production of current Models powered by IC Engine”.

Few months ago, Audi E-Tron was a cached fire in the public charging station, and both charging stations were completed destroyed due to the Audi battery faulty, an incident of battery

Dhillon said that all the components of the battery were bought individually and assembled at factories by our trained professionals.

Release Notes

After inaugurating the company’s pre-used car showroom Audi Approved Plus here, he said it was the 17th outlet of the 22 planned to be inaugurated this year.

Audi India also shares past sales figures, Audi sales jumped to 101% in 2021 as compared to last year

He also said Audi will manufacture existing models fitted with petrol engines and would retail till 2032 for its transformation to electric cars.

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