Bentley First Electric Car Delayed by a year to 2026: Said CEO

Bentley British car Marquee has announced it has pushed back the arrival of the first electric car, which will be introduced in early 2026.

Adrian does not give any reason for the delay, said it’s only a “Matter of Month” rather than full year

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Hallmark also said Bentley plans to spend 2.5 billion pounds which is around 3 billion euros on electrified vehicles

In the Interview, Hallmark cleared that Volkswagen is working tightly on schedule to launch a car on the Scalable System Platform(SSP)

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Audi’s First electric car also has been scheduled to delay until the end of 2026 as per the Automobile Woche report.

On January 30, Bentley Motors announced the launch of its beyond100 strategy. The company called it a five-in-five(5-5) plan 

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