EV sales will cross up to 9 million in India by 2027

As per the report published by “Electrifying India mobility “, EV sales will cross up to 9 million in India by 2027

The expert also shares their thoughts about the need for the government as well as the giant investors community to work together on a sustainable solution 

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In a report published by Indian Private Equality & Venture Capital Association(IVCA) in collaboration with “EY” is the largest global strategy consulting organization and “IndusLaw” 

As per the “Electrifying India mobility” report, the Indian private equality & Venture Capital Association(IVCA)

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They was invested $1.7 billion in the EV sector last year, 2021, and the amount has reached up to 666 million in 2022 so far.

 various experts & investor communities were present in the event including IndusLaw, founding partner & angler investor, Kartik Ganapathy, and Srihari (Sri) Mulgund, Mobility partner of EY-Parthenon

IVCA-EY-Induslaw also reveals some amazing facts & opportunities that will come in the EV industry

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 I would greet thanks to all EY and IndusLaw teams for collaborations with IVCA inputting together, said President of IVCA, Rajat Tandon.

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