Tesla Insurance coming to the state of Georgia

Tesla Insurance coming to the state of Georgia, and paperwork starts on July 22.

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Tesla continuously expands in-house insurance programs in various cities

as reported on June 14 tesla conducted insurance in Florida & Maryland after that on June 16, Tesla conducted insurance in Nevada

the aim to help almost 80% of Tesla owners in the U.S, to purchase Tela vehicles by this years.

Finally, Tesla announces to launch insurance program in the state of Georgia, Tesla successfully launch an insurance program in eight states

Release Notes

The paperwork for tesla Insurance will start on July 22, in the Georgia Department of insurance

In filing that we will launch a real-time insurance program that checks some metrics such as FCW and hard braking that determine real-time safety score, which will finalize your monthly premium.

Announced in the filing that the carmaker has no PPA(Private Passenger Automobile) data in the state of Georgia for its telematics-based insurance program. more...

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