Tesla FSD 10.69 release notes, Is all about the left turns, smooth driving

Tesla FSD 10.69 release notes, Is all about the left turns, smooth driving, deep lane guidance model, and some safety talks also.

Elon musk posted on Twitter to aware tesla owners about the FSD beta 10.69 version is rolled out for the tester over the weekend

As you know On 19 July Tesla started rolling out its FSD Beta 10.13 version, which is all about animal detections, left/right turns, and speed limits

In 10.69, where 69 indicates that version sub-types, musk directly shifts its 10.13 version to 10.69, saying that 69 is his favorite number so far

Release Notes

This first update was rolled out on 21 August, This also seems that musk tased to caught last hours, which is the formulation of 8/20= 2 x 4/20.

This 10.69 version will entirely update the tesla core architecture with the new module “deep lane guidance” which is capable of handling left turns

To improve the smoothness of left turns tesla introduces a new Trajectory planner which is responsible for the latency from steering command to actual steering and brake

Tesla also focuses on smoothness by protecting right turns while in traffic lights with slip lanes, also reducing falsy slowdowns(points 7 & 8)

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