Supercharger Insights Unveiled! 🚗⚡ Explore Tesla Charging Spots Worldwide

“Supercharger Insights Unveiled! 🚗⚡ Explore Tesla Charging Spots Worldwide”

Tesla’s official website gives you a global map full of info about the company’s places all over the world, including its Supercharger stations. But now, there’s even more to discover for free! A smart programmer from Germany, who once made a map showing how much it costs to charge at Tesla stations in Europe, is back with something awesome. On his own website, he’s sharing maps that tell you about supercharger prices everywhere around the world. He’s also sharing facts about how fast they charge and how often they’re used. He’s planning to update this every week!

Tesla has been showing how much electricity costs at their superchargers for a while, on the screens of their cars and in the app. But there’s a catch – you have to check each place one by one. And guess what? This info is still missing on Tesla’s big map of all their locations. So finding out the prices isn’t easy.

The prices for Tesla’s electricity can be really different from one place to another, and even within the same country. In Europe, they made the prices lower again in August. In Germany, for example, it costs about 35 cents for one unit of electricity during quiet times. The ChargeInsights website, made by the smart programmer Silvan Reiser, says Tesla charges 40 cents at least in one place in Germany, and 38 or 39 cents in other places.

On the map of Europe (look above), you can see these German Supercharger stations. They have light green dots for quiet times and yellow dots for busy times, which is usually from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. It costs a bit more during those times. Tesla’s spots are cheaper in the Netherlands, France, and Norway – they’re the bright green ones. Spain, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, and England are a bit more expensive.

The programmer gets all this info from Tesla, and he shows it in a cool way. He also shows how many chargers are in each spot, or how strong they are. Most of the ones in Europe can charge at 250 kilowatts, which is pretty fast. The programmer updates the info every week. If you look really close, you’ll even see when he got the latest data.

The programmer says he doesn’t have the info in real-time, and he can’t promise it’s 100% right. But he has another map that’s interesting. It shows how much the superchargers are being used in different places around the world. Like, on Tuesday, it showed that most Tesla stations in Germany were less than half full. But there are a couple of places, like Malsfeld with eight chargers and Uckerfelde in the northeast with only four, that were totally full.

So now you can get more insight into Tesla’s charging spots all around the world. Check out these maps and see how much it costs, how fast they charge, and how busy they are! 🌍🔌

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