Ampere Magnus EX Electric Scooter- Key highlights and full review: with Limp mode

Ampere Magnus EX Electric Scooter- Key highlights and full review: with Limp mode

Ampere Magnus EX is stylish, affordable, eco and budget friendly Electric Scooter with impressive performance, thrilling ride, advanced Features, 12 Inch tires, and a foldable remote control key that gives a premium scooter feel.

As you know Amphere is the leading manufacturer of electric two-wheeler in India, launch its 3 electric scooter Zeal EX, Magnus EX, and primus in the Indian market, today we talk about the Magnus EX is come in an affordable price range with 60V lithium-ion battery pack.

Front / Rear Design

Magnus EX has a very sleek design, the brand isn’t using sharp corners, and it has Halogen headlamps outside its bottom piano black strip that give unique look to EX, with 2 Halgon turn indicators with chrome finish and 2 telescopic forks.

Also, you will get 10 inches Tubeless tires with a combi braking system, both end you will get drum brakes.

When comes to its Rear look, Magnus EX has two halogen taillights and two indicators with 2 Coil springs at the rear.

Features: How Magnus EX is better than others?

The most important feature of Magnus is Limp Home mode: Also known as ‘limp home mode’, limp mode is a security feature in scooters that activates when the engine or transmission control unit picks up a fault.

Magnus EX comes with Advanced Features that make it stand out from the Indian market, an LCD instrument cluster that is non-touchable, a keyless entry,2 ride modes eco and Cruise, and small LED light at the seat trunk.

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The battery used In Magnus EX

You will get a 60V, 38.25AH Advanced Lithium Battery, which is swappable for you and swap it and charge at your home as well as in commercial places.

A battery required 6 to 7 hours to get fully charged offering 80-100 km of range.

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Technical specification of Magnus EX

Max speed50±3 kmph
Max loading capacity150 kg
Charge time6 to 7 Hrs
Rangewith 80-100 km of range per charge
Gradient13˚±2˚ (Single rider) & 8˚±2˚ (Double rider)
Battery60V, 38.25AH Advanced Lithium Battery
Charger60V, 7.5A Li
Motor Power1200 – 2100 Watts
BrakeMechanical Drum – 130mm HBS
SuspensionFront – Telescopic, Rear – Coil Spring
Wheel10 inch
Ground Clearance147 mm
Wheelbase1390 mm
What’s included with Magnus EX?Charger, tool kit, first-aid kit, user manual and service coupons

Price of Magnus EX

  • Delhi -₹ 81,900
  • Gujarat – ₹ 81,900
  • Maharashtra – ₹ 81,900
  • Odisha – ₹ 81,900
  • Karnataka -₹ 81,900
  • Tamil Nadu -₹ 81,900

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Which motor is used in Magnus EX electric scooter?

Magnus EX uses a 1200 – 2100 Watts motor

How many inches of tires are used in Magnus EX electric scooters?

10-inch of tires you get in Magnus EX

What is the top range of Magnus EX?

Magnus EX has an 80-100 km of range

What is the price of Magnus EX?

Magnus EX comes at ₹ 81,900 as starting price tag

which battery used Magnus EX?

Magnus EC uses 60V, 38.25AH of Advanced Lithium Battery

Does Ampere Magnus Ex require a license?

Yes, you need a license to ride Magnus Ex, as per the government rule only a 25km/h scooter
or bike and a 250W motor are not required license in India but after 25kmph you must need a license

Affordable electric scooter

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