150km Revolt RV400 AI-Enabled Electric Bike in India at the price of ₹1,02,981: Booking open

Revolt RV400 Artificial Intelligent(AI) Enabled Electric Bike, RV400 officially launched in India at the price of Rs. 1,02,981 and it has three driving modes Eco, Normal, and Sports.

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150km Revolt RV400 AI-Enabled Electric Bike in India at the price of ₹1,02,981: Booking open

In this article, we will consider all Revolt RV400 concepts in detail with actual parameters that a company mention.

About the Revolt Motors

Revolt Motors is India’s first Ai-enabled motorcycle without compromising on the performance or aesthetics of regular ride and revolt is Indian originated a brand.

Revolt is a New Delhi-based electric two-wheeler startup founded by Rahul Sharma, co-founder of a Micro-max company.

The goal of Revolt is to build a future of next-gen mobility with 100% accessibility and 0% fuel residue.

Revolt believes that achieving the goal by merging “passion with purpose” thatswhy Revolt on-road gives dwellers a revolutionary way to commute and connect, charting the future for generations to come.

About the Revolt RV400

Revolt Motors started rolling out its AI-enabled affordable electric bike REVOLT RV400 in India.

Revolt Motors is India’s startup company, that has officially launched its RV300 and RV400 electric bikes in megacities, India such as Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai.

Both Revolt Electric bikes RV400 and RV300 are based on Artificial-intelligence with lithium-ion batteries.

Highlights of Revolt RV400 Electric Bike

  • Revolt RV400 has three colors Rabel red, mist grey, and conic black.
  • Revolt RV400 uses lithium-ion batteries.
  • The batteries got certified as waterproof, danger-proof, shockproof and all-weather proofing, and user-friendly based on ARAI Standard(Automotive Research Association of India).
  • RV400 gets fully charged in 4.5 hours.
  • RV400 has a top speed of 85km/h with extreme torque.
  • Revolt RV400 can run 150 km on a single charge.
  • Security features: Secure your revolt vehicle with ECO-Fence using MYRevolt App
  • You can change your bike sounds in 4 ways.
  • RV400 has three Driving Modes Eco, Normal, and Sports.

Features of Revolt RV400 Electric Bike

  1. Revolt offers an “Ergonomically positioned seat” designed to provide comfort to customers.
  2. RV400 has a push-button start and makes the bike keyless.
  3. The adjustable foot pegs: It is an adjuster which helps you to shift manually the position of foot pegs as per your height or comfort and also you can move the suit forward and backward at your convenience.
  4. It has a remote key: Revolt provides a remote key in RV400 to control and locate the bike and do some activities such as lock, unlock, start, and locate your RV400.
  5. RV400 has MyRevolt App: It helps you to check your vehicle’s health, and maintenance, and to find the nearest station.
Photo Credit to RevoltMotors

Why Revolt RV400 is different from Other Electric bikes?

The reason “why revolt RV400 is different from other electric bikes” is that RV400 has the highest ground clearance of 215mm from the road, which gives customers a better experience while riding bikes on the road irrespective of the condition.

Revolt RV400 Build Quality and Battery

Revolt offers a lightweight frame in RV400 and RV300 which gives you swiftness for better control and strength for safety concerns.

Revolt motors provide “battery position situated at the position of tank place”, the reason behind this concept is that the battery is the heaviest and has been kept high enough to be the main center of gravity.

Photo Credit to RevoltMotors

Revolt bikes are powered by sophisticated yet simple batteries which store the energy to move the revolution forward, RV batteries are touch-safe, portable, shockproof, and weatherproof.

Revolt offers a Lithium-ion 72Voltage battery with a 15Amp portable revolt charger and required 4.5 hours to get fully charged.


The motor used in Revolt RV400 Electric Bike

RV400 comes with a 3KW mid-drive motor that can produce 170nm of torque and also is equipped with a sprocket belt drive.

sprocket belt drive: This is a highly durable belt with long life and will not require lubrication and chain hassles.

Revolt RV400 Front Look and parts

Revolt RV400 has a minimalistic design with high-quality DRLs lights which attract more people, and also enhance its performance and its headlamp & Taillamp which indicate Revolt Logo. both rear and front lights are using high-quality LED lights that will not affect the opponent while riding a vehicle.

1. Digital Instrumental Cluster In RV400 Electric Bike

Photo Credit to RevoltMotors

The instrument cluster is the main part of electric vehicles, this instrumental cluster will display some features such as real-time health of the RV, speed, riding modes indicator, and temperatures of your bike.

2. Tyres and suspension used in RV400 Electric Bike

In RV400 you will get MRF Zapper Tyres which gives amazing “tread” which means grip. In front, you get (90/80-17) and in the rear, you will get (120/80-17) tires that maintain the glued on the road.

You will get MonoShock Suspension in RV400.

Safety in RV400 Electric Bike

The best of the RV400 is that if your bike side is opened, you may not able to start your bike until you stand off, this is one of the safety will help you to a safe ride.

Revolt provides CBS “combination braking system” which will also be called a linking braking system, CBS is the combination of Front and Rear brakes Which are linked with each other.

Changing the Sounds of RV400 Electric Bike

Revolt is the only company that allows customers to change the sound of vehicles through the MyRevolt Application.

Photo Credit to RevoltMotors

Revolt provides 4 Sounds as Revolt, Rebel, Roar, and Rage you can change the sound as per your choice, and also you can choose “no sound” if you don’t want any sounds.

Specification of Revolt RV400 Electric Bike

Front ForkUpside Down Forks
Seat Height814mm
Carrying Capacity2 Persons
Rear SuspensionMonoshock
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Motor3KW Mid-Drive
BrakesCBS-Front Disc(240mm) / Rear Disc(240mm)
Charging Time0-75% in 3 Hours And 0-100% in 4.5 Hours
Voltage/Wattage72V, 3.24KWh
Ground Clearance215mm
Wheel Base1350mm

Charging System in Revolt RV400 Electric Bike

Revolt offers 4 ways to charge RV400: On-Board charging, portable charging, Revolt Switch station, and SOS delivery.

Let us talk about each charging way in detail:

  • On-Board: This is the most convenient way to charge an EV by simply plugging your RV’s charger into a 15Amp revolt standard charging socket.
  • Portable charging: This is the new way to charge your RV, just like “charge your phone” which means if you do not have any power source near you, then you can simply remove the battery from the bike and charge it in the confines of your home & office.
  • Revolt Switch Station: This is the only service provided by Revolt Motors to customers that “Grab energy with seconds” which means if you are on the drive and your vehicle indicates a low battery indicator then you can visit the nearest revolt switch station through MyRevolt App and simply exchange your drained-out battery with a new one within a seconds.
  • SOS Delivery: This is another great service offered by Revolt to customers, In case your battery is run-out charge and you may not find any revolt station nearby then you can order a fully-charged battery through the Myrevolt application after that they will be delivered your battery within 90min(Its depend upon the traffic).

Drive Modes in Revolt RV400 Electric Bike

There are three drive modes in Revolt RV400.

Drive ModesTop Speed

Battery Warranty Offered by Revolt Motors

Revolt provides a user 6years warranty with 100,000kms for battery and a 2years warranty for a battery charger.

Showroom of Revolt in mega States


To know more about specific locations you can visit.


  1. Who is the CEO and Founder of Revolt Motors?

    Ans:  Rahul Sharma and CEO of Revolt Motors. 

  2. What is the price of the Revolt RV400 EV?

    Ans: The price of Revolt RV400 starts at Rs. 1,24,999.

  3. What is the RV400 electric bike’s top speed?

    Ans: RV400 Electric bike has a top speed of 85km/h.

  4. Where is the showroom of Revolt Motors?

    Ans: Showrooms: REVOLT HUB Dwarka, Revolt Dealership, and REVOLT Hub Jaipur.

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