4 new electric scooter Launch, Aventose shows 4 prototypes of EVs with smart connected features: support swappable battery mechnism

Aventose Chennai-based startup shows 4 new prototypes of its electric vehicles, S110, and S125 are electric scooters, and M125 And M150 are electric motorcycles with smart connecting features.


4 Prototype of Aventose

Aventose launched 4 new electric vehicles with smart features and styling designs, with better aerodynamic and more eco-friendly scooters with wider tires, all these scooters & motorcycles has aggressive looks with disc braking systems at both ends.

Aventose Energy shows 2 electric scooters and 2 electric motorcycles, S110-ER, S125 is an upgraded version of its standard model S110, and S125 is premium series while M125 and M150 are Aventose cutting-edge electric motorcycle design comes under both Mass and premium segment.

Aventose S110 Design Structure

Aventose S110 is the first prototype model of the company it has telescopic fork suspension at the front end with a black tone alloy wheel, and a circular shape LED light mounted on the center of the apron for better light at the dark.

Moreover, It has a flat floorboard to provide a better footer area, with flat seat slights upper toward the rear, adjustable suspension at the rear end with a disc braking system at both ends front & rear.

The important thing is that this scooter comes with swappable battery packs located under the seat so, you can charge it at any nearest charging Stations or any commercial and household area.

Aventose S110 Specifications

In Aventose S11 you get a chain-drive, the motor that generates 140Nm of peak torque and offers a 60km/hr top speed.


S11 uses a portable battery located under seat storage, this scooter has a 100km of claimes range. the battery is AIS 156 phase certified, also its S11 model is more eco-friendly and durable and 20% more efficient to its ingenious mechanical and electrical design.

What Founder said about its prototype?

We have a 10-year product and technology roadmap out of which S110 is the first product. We plan to launch 3 models to target multiple two-wheeler segments. S110 is the entry-level electric scooter and will be followed by the S125 scooter which will have higher performance and an increased range of 150 km in eco mode.

About Aventose

Aventose stands for A Venture To Save Earth, the company plan to increase EV adoption and reduce carbon emission drastically by 2030. also Aventose two-wheeler design in Europe, APAC, and African markets, also Aventose batteries is AIS 156 phase certified.

What is the range of Aventose S110?

Aventose S110 has 100km claimed range

What is the top speed of the Aventose S110?

60kmph top speed

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