Hero Electric dropped hint to launch a new electric scooter on March 15: with extra range and conected technology

Hero Electric an Indian two-wheeler manufacturer dropped hints of its upcoming electric scooter, it might be a new scooter or it will be the updated version of its Hero optima.

The teases image is not clear to say about the scooter, but the automaker expects this scooter to be quite similar to sibling Hero optima, the brand best selling scooter now, quite a similarity such headlight is located on top of the front cowl, the turn indicator is positioned at the center of an apron look like hero optima. The alloy wheel and disc brake at both ends, curvy seats, and blue color tone showed in the teased image.

In front of a telescopic suspension and rear, an adjustable spring-loaded suspension with a BLDC Hub motor mounted on the rear wheel. with the same, in the upcoming scooter, you get a regenerative braking system that Convert the kinetic energy lost during braking into stored energy in the vehicle’s battery.

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hero electric tweeted on Twitter: “A new era of intelligent and sustainable mobility is all set to dawn! Are you ready to experience the newest electrifying ride from Hero Electric? Watch this space to know more”

Electric two-wheeler sales

SNOEV companiesDec 2022Jan 2023Feb 2023MOM change(%)
2Ather energy7,6909,2249,9598
4Hero Electric8,1006,3995,855-8.5

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When will the new hero electric scooter launch?

Hero Electric dropped hint to launch a new electric scooter on March 15

What changes do we see in the updated version of Hero electric?

In the updated version of Hero electric you get extra range and connected technology

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