180km range, Komaki launch a new scooter Komaki LY Pro at ₹1,37,500

Komaki Japan-based company introduce a new electric scooter called “Komaki Ly Pro” which offers a range of 180km on a single ride equipped with anti-skid technology.

Today, we are talking about the Japanese company, Komaki launched a new scooter Ly Pro. this scooter is totally different from its existing models, it has an LED headlamp position at the center of the apron, and a Turn indicator mounted on Handler gives stunning look to the scooter, also it equipped with anti-skid technology.

Komaki ly pro

let’s dive into the Komaki Ly pro specs and find out if is it worth it buying or not. after completing this guide you will everything about the LY pro.

Exterior design

In front design, the Komaki Ly pro has a minimalistic look with All led headlamp located at the center of the Apron to provide better visibility in dark, a turn indicator mounted on the handlebar, and also diamond cut alloy wheel in a black-grey tone with a telescopic fork suspension.

In the rear design, you got a 3000Watts(3kw)BLDC hub motor mounted on the rear wheel used to negate the need for a heavy transmission, driveline, differential, and axles, 38AMP controllers. also, a disc braking system at both ends with 12 inches of tubeless tires to provide more of a grip for your vehicle on the road.


In terms of features, the Komaki scooter has a TFT cluster screen which is loaded with features like onboard navigation, a sound system, wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, calling options, and ready-to-ride indication features.

Moreover, the Scooter comes with three drive modes, Eco, Sports, and Turbo modes. this scooter comes with advanced anti-skid technology to avert the skidding of the scooter in hilly areas. usually features like parking assist, cruise control, and reverse assist functions.


Komaki Ly pro comes with 62V 32Ah of dual batteries, which are removable you can swap it to charge at the nearest location it supports both commercial and household charging. The battery uses lithium-ion technology to enhance the performance of the scooter, the scooter required 4 hours and 55 minutes to get a charge from 0-100%.


Komaki Ly pro electric scooter comes at an ESP(Estimated Selling Price) of ₹1,37,500(ex-showroom) in India, it may vary from country to country.

Gunjan Malhotra Director said

“The new-age electric vehicles of Komaki are the perfect choice for an effortless economic ride for commuters who prefer smoother, premium commute experiences with rugged and stylish expressions. The addition of Komaki LY Pro in our range of electric vehicles will further catapult the country’s pursuit to achieve sustainable development goals by replacing the internal combustion engine (ICE) powered vehicles,”

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What is the top speed of the Komaki LY PRO Electric Scooter?

Komaki LY PRO Electric Scooter has a 100km/hr top speed

Which motor is used in Komaki LY PRO Electric Scooter?

3000Watts BLDC(Brushless Direct current) HUB Motor is used in Komaki LY PRO Electric Scooter

What is the price of the Komaki LY PRO?

Komaki LY PRO scooter comes at a ₹1,37,500 price tag

Which battery is used in A250 Electric Bicycle?

Komaki Ly pro comes with 62V 32Ah of dual batteries powered with a li-ion battery.

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