8 things to know about Pure EV Electric Bike Etryst 350

Pure EV introduces its Electric Bike Etryst 350 with a high-performance battery.

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Pure EV introduces its all-new electric Motorcycle Etryst 350 under the brand “Pure EV” which is dedicatedly based on the EV platform with high battery performance.

Pure EV Intro

The pure acronym stands for “Power Using Renewable Energy” and is true to its name.

The company has a target to enable the transition to a sustainable energy source and has developed strong expertise in lithium battery technology.

Pure EV is India’s two-wheeler, electric scooter, and electric motorcycle manufacturer under the brand name “Pure EV” with expertise in high-performance batteries under the brand “Pure Lithium“.

The company management team has remarkable experience in the academic and the energy industry.

The “Pure EV” is dedicatedly based on the EV platform and battery manufacturing unit over 1 Lakh Sqrt and has a dedicated facility for R& D for EV development, powertrain, and testing.

The Pure EV is currently one of the leading EV2W brands in India.

In this article, we will judge Etryst 350 e-bike on the five bases Build quality, battery performance, safety features, braking, and price.

Intro Etryst 350 Electric Bike

The Etryst 350 is an electric bike dedicatedly based on an EV platform with a high-performance battery that will cover 140km in a single charge, as the company claimed.

Electric Bike Etryst 350 Motor

The Etryst 350 Motor has a peak power of 4.0KW with BLDC Hub Motor which enhances Etryst performance while riding a bike in the city area.

Electric Bike Etryst 350 Battery Performance

As I above told you that Pure EV has expertise in high-performance batteries, Etryst uses a lithium-Ion battery of 3.5KWH with NMC chemistry that increases Etryst’s performance and pickup in crowd areas.

Pure EV Etryst 350 has a top speed of 85kmph with thrill mode, which means Etryst 350 has three drives “Drive Mode” has a speed of 60kmph, “Over Mode” with a speed of 75kmph, and “Thrill Mode” has a top speed of 85kmph this is the highest speed of Etryst 350.

Drive Mode – 60 KMPH Cross
Over Mode – 75 KMPH
Thrill Mode – 85 KMPH

Electric Bike Etryst 350 Charging

Let us talk about the Etryst 350 charging power and time – Etryst 350 required 6 Hours to get fully charged with 84V of cc-cv portable Pure EV Socket.

The company claimed that after getting fully charged it will cover “140km in a single charged”.

Electric Bike Etryst 350 Braking

Let us talk about the Etryst 350 Braking, Wheel, and Disc Size – Etryst 350 has a tubeless tire with an alloy wheel, Etryst has a front (457.2mm) and rear(431.8mm) wheel size, Etryst 350 has a disc brake at both the end rear and front of 220mm Disc with the maximum tire pressure of up to 33psi.

Electric Bike Etryst 350 also has Regenerative braking systems (RBSs).

Regenerative braking systems are a type of kinetic energy recovery system that transfers the kinetic energy of an object in motion into potential or stored energy to slow the vehicle down, and as a result, increase fuel efficiency, for reference visits.

Electric Bike Etryst 350 Specification

Display7 inch LED
Speedometer Digital
Headlight and Tail LightLED
Ground Clearance180 mm
Wheelbase1375 mm
Kerb Weight120 kg
Seat Height770mm
Regenerative Braking: yes
Gradeability16 Degrees
Top Speed85kmph
Load Capacity160 Kgs

Etryst 350 Instrument Cluster Display

In Pure EV Etryst 350 has 7Inch of LED Instrument Cluster Screen that will display all required features that the rider needs such as a Speedometer, odometer, nearest charging EV station, and Bike charging Alert, central locking, DRLS, and Headlight on/off display on a display.


Etryst 350 Body and suspension

Etryst 350 has the average build quality and will require more work on their build quality to boost EV also Pure EV has started taking customers’ feedback about the bike in terms of performance and pickup to improve its product.

Let us talk about the Suspension of Etryst 350 – Etryst has a hydraulic Dual suspension at both the end front and rear that will give the bike a firmer ride and also react quicker than other suspension systems.

The Hydraulic system uses oil and compressed gas in the place of springs to absorb forces emanating from the road surface for more visits.

Electric Bike Etryst 350 Price

Electric Bike Etryst 350 has a Price of around Rs. 1,54,999.

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