Tarform starts delivering their Wily-look US build electric motocycle.

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Brooklyn-Based electric vehicle start-up Tarform company situated in New York. Tarform motorcycles start making out the design for its virtually five years ago. In spite of the pandemic crisis that delayed in production of bikes now, the company started delivering their electric motorcycle.


There are various companies we saw daily that are more focused on design to attract more people but from starting Tarform more focus is on hand-made things that’s why Tarform is popular due to its hand-made product. In a pandemic, it was not an easy task to deliver motorcycles in that situation but as the brand said they were working late at night to develop the product, now the brand’s target is to deliver motorcycles as soon as possible.



In mid -2020, the brand was launched its two electric motorcycles which are Target luna racer variant and scambles variant. After success in their last two product, the brand worked on another project that also electric motorcycles that we discuss later.

Through, a limited 54 Tarform brand found edition bikes were the first model design for production after completing their hand-build in Brooklyn. The first initial crop has already made its delivery to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum.


Let us talk about the specification of a motorcycle that has 440lbs which is almost 200kg with 55HP of horsepower which is extreme in a series of Ev motorcycles right now. The motorcycle comes with 11.8kwh of the battery pack.

Motorcycles as “racer” edition features that set Avon ST street tires, sitting an inch and half-lower on robust more focuses on suspension headlight bucket on scrambler is replaced with the grilled over aerodynamic mini-fairing that matches the overall look of the bike, while the battery box reveals some new wavy lines.


The motorcycle also has various features that the company mention, keyless ignition with a 180-degree rearview camera, also has an acoustic sound “Sonic Aura” which points to your existence on the road, some sensor features like regenerative braking, Bluetooth connectivity, three riding modes with 3.5 km in-vehicle charge.


The Tarform set price of $24,000 US which is very expensive compared to other electric vehicle companies like Harley-Davidson Live Wire and many more you can check on my website.


Q: Who is the founder of Tarform motorcycle company?

Ans: Taras Kravtchouk is the founder of Tarform Company.

Q: What is the top speed of Tarform motorcycle ?

Ans: Top speed is 120 mph according to the brand.

Q: What is the price of Tarform motoecycle in India?

Ans: It will be approx 18lakh.

Q: Is Tarform motorcycle is Indian based or not?

Ans: Tarform Company is Brooklyn based new york company.

Q: can tarform electric bikes work?

Ans: yes.

Q: Do tarform electric bikes need?

Ans: yes.

Q: Is tarform electric bikes good?

Ans: yes, It has high-speed and is reliable.

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