Tata Curvv EV – Specification, Range, Price

Tata Curvv EV – Specification, Range, Price we will cover the component of Curvv in detail with actual parameters.

Tata Curvv EV - Specification,
Photo Credit to Tata Motors

April 6, On Monday Tata Curvv, has officially launched its fully-electric SUV typology concept “Tata Curvv”, It is based on the concept of dynamic modern SUV Topology.

Intro Tata Curvv Electric Car

Tata unveiled its all-new electric SUV Tata Curvv with a futuristic design, and exhilarating performance, Curvv is the concept of dynamic and modern SUV toplogy.

Photo Credit to Tata Motors

Tata Motors is known for its toughness, durablility, and affordable vehicle as per this point, Curve has a unique coupe SUV with different rear system design, has shape corners, has sporty character, course elegant with exhilarating performace.

In Tata Curvv you will get both powertrain options such as combustion engine or electric powerrain but the company says that we launched the electric variant first & with IC engine Subsequently.

As per the teaser video, curvv is the perfect electric SUV in the electric vehicle segment due to its perfect balance between its elegance, and performance which gives the perfect ride to the user.

Tata Curvv Electric Car Engine

Let us talk about the engine in Tata Curvv – Curvv is based on the Tata generation 2 platform that will be supported powertrain where its ICE(Internal combustion engine ) or electric

overall, we can say that the upcoming Curvv electric SUV will become the second compact SUV in the EV segment.

Tata Curvv Electric SUV Front Look

Tata Curvv has quite identical to its tata sierra concept in terms of its front look, it is bigger than tata Nexon EV but not bigger than their tata harrier you can say that it’s mid-Electric SUV.

Curvv is a very clear surface, crisp lines with hard-line architecture which give Suv a dynamic look and sporty character.

Tata Curvv Electric SUV Wheel

Curvv has a 20-inch wheel and cladding but as the company said, the production variant only has an 18inch wheel which is bigger than its Tata Nexon EV and it also has a 50mm wheelbase that is most essential part of any vehicle in terms of SUVs.

50 mm of wheelbase in-car allow it to fit a longer battery pack, also larger wheelbase generates more output of range around 400-500km.

Curvv has a large panoramic glass roof that integrates the rear spoiler with rooflines. It also provides the cockpit with a sense of freedom and lots of natural light.

In curvv, you will get diamond-cut alloy wheels in a black-grey theme that enhance SUV character.

Tata Curvv Electric SUV Exterior

Tata Curvv has Sharpe, a dynamic and sporty character with LED DRLs on either side joined by an LED strip, slim upper DRL triangular LED headlamps. wheel arches, coupe-like rooflines, and diamond-cut alloy wheels and also has aero blade inserts to close up the pe area that allows airflow across the surface with a dual-tone bumper.

Tata Curvv Electric SUV Specifications

Specification Parameters
Fuel Type Electric
Transmission TypeAutomatic
Type Size18Inch
Length 2560mm

Tata Curvv Electric SUV Interior Detail

Let us talk about the interior of the electric SUV Curvv – it has impressively spacious and focused with a clear finish Dashboard.

It is integrated with state-of-the-art onboard technology and HMI.

Inside the Curvv Cabin, there are two freestanding touch screen displays, one is for the Instrumental system and another is for instrumental console that allows the user to control some operations such as 360-degree camera, AC vents, command-line operation, music system, and the most important notify your vehicle health, performance, the range also helps you to find near EV stations.

In steering there are buttons to control your EV central looking and music system so on. and tata Curvv has a round gear selector, It expecting that next-generation Curvv has both functionalities of Manual and Automatic tranmisiion.

Tata Curvv Electric SUV Price

The price of Tata Curvv electric SUV is expected to be 15-20lakh approx(ex-showroom).

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