Tata introduces New EV Concept Avinya Pure EV electric SUV, Tata Motor plans to deliver a range of up to 500km

Tata introduces New EV Concept Avinya Pure EV electric SUV, Tata Motor plans to deliver a range of up to 500km, on Friday.

Photo Credit to Tata

In this article, I will cover all Tata Avinya components such as Functions in Avinya Series, features, performance, and avinaya tata motors price.

Tata Avinya has a modern and Minimalistic character. The New Avinya series is based on a third-generation architecture that enhances pillar of range performance and charging with the aim to offer a sensory experience for their passenger with stress.

Tata Avinya pure Electric SUV 2022

The next-generation pure electric SUV is built on gen 3 architecture, Tata introduces a new breed that will redefine automobiles the spawn a range of global competition for EV.

Tata offers an inherent structure and flexible design that dramatically increases the roominess and comfort of occupants. This new architecture allows next-level connectivity and an advanced driver assistance system that helps drivers in driving and also enhanced performance, and efficiency.

The Avinya comes with gen 3 high structure safety and advanced waterproofing and dust protection that make EV super secure and capture more people’s attention.

Tata announced said that our Avinya is ready for any public terroirs including demanding Indian roads and that will define what mobility real is.

The Vision of Pure Electric SUV 2022

Tata’s aim is to provide a sensible experience, and wellness while riding backed by cutting-edge technology, Tata believes that the new Human-centric design creates a new space and provides a stress-free experience that improves the overall performance of Avinya EV.

Specification Of Tata Avinya Electric SUV 2022

Length 2150mm
Wheel Size22Inch
Range 500kms
Cluster Screenyes
Voice command Systemyes
Fuel type Electric

The Avinya Stands for…

The Avinya is and Sanskrit language “word” it stands for “innovation” at its heart.

The Avinya has “IN” which proudly describes our Indian country, “tata also said that we pride ourselves in discovering new ways to move electrification concept AVINYA”.

Functions in Avinya Series 2022

The new Avinya electric SUV is dedicatedly based on a pure EV platform with a sensible and minimalistic experience.

The AVINYA is a mixer of different elements that makes EV an elegant Catman shape. In AVINYA you will get the same signature and DRLs light at both the front and rear end and this signature light cover the entire width of the vehicle in the interior space.

AVINYA has endless possibilities in terms of features and durability, the body side is an exercise of simplicity accentuated by graphics features that provide sensory experiences and allow passengers to interact with each other.

The best part of Avinya is that it has butterfly doors that provide a classic and luxury experience for passengers.

Avinya Pure EV electric SUV
Avinya Pure EV electric SUV – Photo Credit to Tata

As I use most of the time in this article “Sensible Experience” now it’s time to understand what makes Avinya sensible, The Vista it’s the overall sense of space and scale and its natural light and sense of openness that the cockpit creates.

The AVINYA inspires more people due to its smart control console at the steering wheel that drivers to control all functionality they required while driving.

Photo Credit to Tata

The Avinya allows passengers to interact with the vehicle through its voice-activated system and tata also provides a soundbar for each passenger separately sound system embedded at the headrest, this is a very unique feature tata has provided to the passenger that defines real Mobility.

AVINYA has an aroma diffuser embedded at the center console which makes the vehicle environment natural fragrance also AVINYA has a 360 rotated driver seat which makes the EV luxurious. Use of lightweight materials, and optimized structure for an EV-only powertrain with enabled appropriate stiffness.

Range of Avinya Electric SUV 2022

Let us talk about the range of the all-new EV Avinya, As per the Tata teaser video, they said that the next-generation electric SUV Avinya will have a range of up to 500kms on a single charge, with dual motors each powering on the axel and provides power to all four-wheel equality.

The battery used will support an ultra-fast charge capability, in line with the infrastructure evolution.

Price of Avinya EV 2022

Let us talk about the price of Avinya: Tata is not revealed its price but as per the automaker report its expected price is up to 30Lakh.

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