Tata Tiago EV(ZipTron) revealed at World EV day 2022

Tata Tiago EV(ZipTron) revealed at World EV day 2022, on 9 September Tata reveals a new concept for its cheapest electric hatchback Tata Tiago, it is dedicated based on the EV platform with premium features like ZConnect Mobile Application to track EV, Ziptron Technology that will boost your car performance so much…

Tata Tiago EV(ZipTron) revealed at World EV day 2022

In this article, we will cover all the features and technology used in the Tiago EV variant in detail.

Tata Tiago’s first concept was released in 2018 at the Delhi auto Expo event and now Mr. Shailesh Chandra, MD, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, talk about the Tiago EV concepts which are based on advanced Ziptron Technology.

After launching Tata Nexon EV MAX, Tata Nexon EV PRIME Tata released that there should be a need to launch an affordable electric car in India at a range between 10-11 lakh so, that middle class people can easily purchase it, On EV day also tata announced to launch 10 new electric cars in upcoming years all these EV will be based on Ziptron Advanced technology with have up to 300+ of range.

Talk about the Tata Tiago EV, as you know that Tata Tiago comes with both Hatchback or Sedan models, Tiago EV variant also has options to buy Hatchback or Sedan models both has same features & technology there is no change in its technology but has a different design.

Tata Tiago specification, it has 26kwh to 30.2Kwh of a large battery pack with waterproof IP67 rated, uses lithium-ion battery unit.

Tiago delivers 300+ of range in a single ride with Ziptron’s advanced technology that consists of Synchronous motors with IP67 waterproof rated. Tata also offers 8 years of warranty on both Motor & Battery.

In Tata Tiago, you will also get Z-connect mobile application to track your vehicles, check the mileage, maintenance alerts, navigate to the nearest charging stations, and battery low notification so, this is an advantage for Tata users also has Ziptron technology that boosts your car performance, it helps you for fast charging in only 60 min of duration with standard Tata 15A of the socket.

Tata Tiago EV(ZipTron) revealed at World EV day 2022

Tata motors doesn’t release an exact date of launch but as the automakers said it might be launched in 2023 or early.

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