Tesla 4680 battery cell unveiled, & ready to hit market soon

Tesla 4680 battery cell was announced 3 years later at the Battery Day event in 2020.

In Event automaker said this new gen 4680 battery cell battery comes at an affordable price than the already existing 2170 battery pack.

the company also claimed that this battery will have higher energy density & efficiency compared to the existing pack.

In the battery event, the automaker claimed that this new 4680 battery pack cost would be down by 50% to 2170 cells.

Tesla said that this battery pack is mainly used in Model Y and Tesla Cybertruck.

After the declaration, Tesla started manufacturing a new 4680 battery cell & gradually increase production as per the demand.

As per the data, the automaker reached 1 Million cells per week by 2022, this cell manufacturing facility is set up in the Fremont plant.

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